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23 Jan 2021

Find the best credit card deal in Malaysia with iMoney. Take advantage of the financing assistance brought by CIMB Bank Credit Card to your business. Still, it is not impossible for foreigners to successfully apply for a credit card in Malaysia.Here’s what you need to know before applying. Withdraw cash conveniently with your CIMB Credit Card and PIN from any CIMB ATM in Singapore, or any ATM overseas with the Visa or Plus logo. CIMB Credit Card Conversion Terms and Conditions (applicable to CIMB Islamic Bank Credit Cards) CIMB Member Rewards Terms and Conditions You are about to enter a third party website & CIMB Group's privacy policy will cease to apply. CIMB credit cards include a balance transfer facility whereby cardholders are allowed to transfer in full or in part (subject to min. CIMB Bank offers you credit cards with attractive cash rebates, exclusive travel deals and complementaries, including cross-border CIMB regional deals and travel insurance cover. It helps you keep track of your spending and also check if there is any mistake or fraudulent charge. Credit Card Debit Card Prepaid Card Credit Card Services Financing. Interest Rate: From as low as 4.50% p.a (EIR 8.21% p.a) Loan Tenures: 1 to 5 years Max. CIMB offers transfer tenures of 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months without a one-time upfront fee. Apply now and get a complimentary Nescafe Dolce coffee machine. If you’re after a credit card deal that rewards you as you spend on both everyday items and bigger travel purchases, then signing up for the CIMB Visa Signature Credit Card could be a good option for you. While few credit cards reward spend on health at all, CIMB Platinum MC provides cashback on everything from doctors visits to personal care facilities. Click here for more info. Enjoy more for less at home or aboard with 10%* cashback on Beauty & Wellness, Online Shopping, Grocery, Pet Shops & Veterinary Services and Cruises! Things get super tricky if you’re running your own business: Just like me, you might find yourself in a situation where your employees can get a credit card… If you do not have your Credit Card PIN, please call +65 6333 6666. 20.4 You shall not pledge the Card or use it in any other way as security for credit or other such facilities. The credit card issuer may also ask you for additional documents and details about your income and other financial circumstances. One stop shop for all exclusive deals and discounts across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia that you are entitled to as a CIMB cardholder Credit Card Interest Calculator ... CIMB Bank makes no warranties as to the status of this link or information contained in the website you are about to access. Compare over 140+ credit cards and apply for the best that suits your needs. CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card is good for travellers who prefer cashback to miles and with high spend on foreign currency. Click here for more info. By providing any of the above Promotion details,I/we have read,understood and agree to abide and be bound by the relevant Terms and Conditions governing this Promotion,if applicab Foreigner Income Requirement: #LiveMore with 12% cash rebates. On normal days, every cardholder will receive 5x Bonus Points and 1x Bonus Points on online and offline transactions respectively. Even if you’re working here, you’ll find that the process tends to be harder than for locals. Kartu Kredit CIMB Niaga ... Visa Travel Card. In all honesty…it’s not as easy as it would be for a local, but it’s not impossible either. Always protect your personal information and safeguard your Credit Cards, PIN & Authentication code.Click here for Do's & Don'ts. All CIMB credit cards are no-annual-fee cards, and they let you enjoy the privileges of a credit card – without having to pay for that privilege. Cimb Home Loan For Foreigner It is recommended for financing major one-off expenses, including home renovations or repairs, medical bills, repayment of credit card debt, or funding college tuition. In September 2009, CIMB began offering banking services directly such as retail banking products and services, investment banking, equities brokerage, research coverage, asset management and Islamic products. 20.3 The Card shall remain the property of CIMB Bank at all times and you shall surrender the Card to CIMB Bank immediately upon request without further use after such a request. 4. transfer amount) the outstanding balance of a credit card account with any bank into a CIMB credit card account. You can apply for most credit cards when you’re retired or a senior citizen – as long as you meet the card’s application requirements. Valid till 31 July 2019*. Travel on us Baca Selengkapnya Apply Now Klik untuk membandingkan ... *Saya/Kami menyatakan bahwa saya/kami telah mengakses dan/atau membaca kebijakan Privasi dari CIMB Niaga. When you apply for CIMB Petronas Platinum-i Credit Card. Go to a bank office and ask one of the staff about the credit card requirements for a foreigner.There are online applications available with the requirements stated, but if you’re still unsure, it’s always best to get clarification in person. CIMB’s credit cards represent some of the most value-oriented products in Singapore, and they don’t pull punches in terms of rewards. For preferred customer, please contact CIMB's Preferred Contact Centre at 1300 885 300 or +603 2295 6688 . on weekend dining with the all-new CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum Credit Card!. 3. Apply now to get 5x more rewards. The application process is EASY and FREE with us! 2. Read our review of CIMB Visa Signature Card to find out if it might be best credit card for you! And do it in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort and money possible. Is it hard to get a credit card as a foreigner in Malaysia? To combine your non-credit card Bonus Points with your credit card Bonus Points: For debit cardholder and CIMB@Work customers, please contact CIMB’s Consumer Call Centre at +603 6204 7788. Beware of COVID-19 scams. Explore all the benefits now when you visit out website. Before getting into details, it's important to know that consumers must earn at least S$120,000 per year in order to qualify for card approval. Loan amount up to 90% of available CIMB credit limit (or 70% if you apply for the promotion) Supplementary card holders of CIMB credit cards are not eligible to apply for this loan; Foreigners are not eligible; Summary. As a foreigner working in Malaysia, you will face some limitations when it comes to applying for a credit card or any type of financing for that matter. Be cautious of phishing websites targeting CIMB Singapore customers. CIMB offers a number of cards that have neither annual fee nor complications, making them the cheapest credit cards to use in Singapore. Designed for students and NSFs, this card is also an option for those earning less than $30,000 per annum. The December 2020 CIMB Bank e Credit Card Flash Deal Campaign (hereinafter referred to as “CCFD2012CI- Campaign”) is organized by Compargo Malaysia Sdn Bhd [201301020939 (1050769-U)] for (hereinafter referred to as “” or “we”) and in partnership with IM ank … The application process. Open an account today with CIMB. Page 1 December 2020 CIMB Bank e Credit Card Flash Deal Campaign Terms & Conditions 1. If you use a CIMB credit card, here is how to check CIMB credit card balance in a few easy steps using CIMB Clicks. Visit the bank in person! US Credit Cards for Foreigners & Non-Residents. Assess if you should for CIMB Platinum MasterCard Credit Card by reading our review and comparing it to other similar cards in Singapore. Pamper yourself at the spa, shop online at your favourite retail websites, stock up on grocery and more with CIMB Visa Signature! How to apply for a credit card in Malaysia. The main reason to take out a home equity loan is that it offers a cheaper way of borrowing cash than an unsecured personal loan. Have a secured and easy to manage bank account for your personal savings, investments, and loan applications in just 10 minutes. Get latest promotions and freebies from CIMB Bank Do a balance transfer with 5.99 p.a to your account for more cash in hand! Regularly checking your credit card balance is a good practice. Cash advance fee applies. The CIMB AWSM Card is one of the few credit cards in Singapore that comes with a (comparatively) low age and annual income criteria. CIMB e Credit Card is the best credit card for everyday purchase as you get to receive Bonus Points with no minimum spending required on all categories. Personal Financing ... CIMB Bank makes no warranties as to the status of this link or information contained in … Armed with zero fee and rich rewards, CIMB Visa Signature Card is one of the best cards among over hundred cards we've seen in Singapore. The process of applying for a credit card is relatively similar to how a citizen or permanent resident would apply for one, with the exception of certain document requests made to foreigners. CIMB Visa Infinite Card is a great option for high-earning golfers seeking a no-fee cashback card that rewards frequent travel and provides travel perks. Credit cards are a tricky business for foreigners in Thailand. While CIMB World MasterCard already stands out for offering a higher tier of unlimited cashback than Amex True Cashback Card and Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card, it also offers free travel insurance, access to MasterCard Airport Experiences at over 1,000 lounges worldwide, and 50% off green fees at 25 fairways across 9 countries in Asia. CIMB Credit Cards in Singapore Primarily established in 1947, the Malaysian bank was formed via merging of various banks that have existed throughout the decades. While your personal goals will dictate which mix of cards to apply for, this article assumes that everyone has the same goal, which is: Obtain US credit cards to earn points, free flights, and travel rewards. Just be sure to compare it to a range of other reward cards so that you can find the right credit card for you. Do …

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