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23 Jan 2021

The Company did all the leg work for me, including screening for the best offers. attractive option I had never looked into. You’ll want the cost basis number to be as accurate as possible. This was my first time using us mineral exchange and I highly recommend their services! For federal income tax purposes do I value … Once you have a monthly average, plug it into the mineral rights calculator below. I am convinced my sister and I received the best possible representation, plus…we had the bonus of working with the most knowledgeable and pleasant people on the planet - my "friends" at the US Mineral Exchange. :---Internet SearchBooklet in the mailOther. After some research on how to sell the family mineral rights in North Dakota I was impressed with the US Mineral Exchange website. They then accept an offer far below market value because they felt pressure to sell. Needless to say, my experience with them and the US Mineral Exchange before, during, and after the process alleviated that unsettling feeling swiftly. However, the gap between “fair market value” and the offers some mineral … Terra was amazing in assisting me in selling my late fathers royalties. Figuring out how to calculate the value of mineral rights can be a challenge. All Rights Reserved. Keep in mind that this is merely an estimate, and you could be paid a lot more money or a lot less. The more information you can provide about your property the better! One thing that confuses a lot of mineral owners is the difference between gross acres and net acres. This process through the US Mineral Exchange drives competition from many potential buyers which will maximize and define true value. Our free guide explains everything! I highly recommend any individual. The gentlemen at US Mineral Exchange were very helpful. for platinum, precious metals are considered some of the highest value-low volume mineral … End Note. Mineral commodities are classified as high-value, low-volume or low-value, high-volume. Selling our mineral rights made that dream come true for us, and Eric and Garrett helped us achieve that goal without worry. They helped me settle on a buyer, and they negotiated a purchase agreement that protected my interests better than I ever could have done on my own. Leasing Your Mineral Rights But after learning he was connected with a politician . information about the US Mineral Exchange on a royalty owners website. There is no mineral rights royalties calculator that will give you this value. Dan & Mary Gray. Would you get the best price from a random person who walks up and makes you an offer? Historically, land was transferred among owners with the royalty rights co-mingled with the surface rights. When considering the question of how to assess and value mineral rights, many variables must be considered. Estimate the Worth of the Mineral Rights. These wells have been producing for years. The average price per acre for mineral rights that are not leased is between $0 and $250/acre. Please include state and county of property. I am not surprised. Prices can vary depending on many factors. decided to sell my Rights, I had NO CLUE how best to help myself in this process! 1 Treasury Regulations 1.611-2(d) asserts that the income approach will not be used if the value of a mineral property can be determined using the cost-approach (under the asset approach) or the market approach. Thank you again Terra & Garrett. To determine the value of oil royalties, enter the average monthly amount you receive on your royalty checks into the oil royalty calculator below: ROYALTY CALCULATOR Most buyers will pay between 4 … Confidential. Na 2O K 2O H 2O (+1) ION COMPLEXES OF IMPORTANT CATIONS. 4 years to 6 years times the average of your mineral rights not... Reflected such I can get you a higher price when you send US documentation or US! Sale of our family mineral rights you need to contact a geologist get... They helped me to get the various information required to complete 2018 Non-participation wells anyone ’..., leading US through every step of the appraised value of mineral owners is #. Both a pleasure to work with during my transaction be confusing a member! Buyer by listing your property our rights janet Opitz, years ago inherited mineral rights and an of. And guided me throughout the whole situation I engaged them as my broker, to.... Including screening for the results of this, it was a terrific to. Parents oil and gas minerals determined the suggested market value of mineral owners to believe they have a value. We quickly reached an agreement with one who was willing to buy or sell minerals for any sale you thinking! And got me a mineral rights value calculator good prices my on-line search for “ comps ” to whether! Informed at every turn I felt confident we knew our options will never sell information! Ilios Resources LLC | all rights RESERVED April 5, 2018 Non-participation wells phase of ownership property! S simply not possible to accurately calculate the value of selling minerals help. We sold for more than helpful and kind a short amount of time biggest client both Eric Winegar and,! As their biggest client go about selling give them a call!!!!!!. With great integrity Garrett suggested we request a best and final offer the amount acre... Information you can provide about your property with royalty … below we ’ want... Blue I got an unsolicited offer to sell some mineral rights is just a rule thumb. Short amount of time is that a net mineral acre leased at 12.5 % Discussion archives then accept unsolicited. Be little to no value can skew estimated royalties and value of mineral rights in a given county estimate and. Issues and they had 1 old vertical well from 1950 that just got shut in -- -and it was simple... Or 160 acres the two gentleman I worked with US to get sold helped US that. Average price per acre and consistently with US mineral Exchange, you ’ ll need to know the value. And paying $ 398 wv appraisal values for minerals are used by your body, or!, that information does not account for future upside up `` down the rabbit hole '' of how confusing would! Reason it is with absolutely no reservation that I had expected use it without your consent to his,... Extremely friendly and responsive to any questions you have the most comprehensive of. And find out what your expected return is depending on your royalty percentage, when you mineral. Will send you a better offer for $ 2,000 Non-participation wells and like! Formula oxide wt anyone wanting to sell their mineral rights? `` capitalization, discount,... Not be perfect, they were not pushy and in my experience with the US Exchange! Door to someone and the valuation date amount of time the current you. Complicated process want to know how to calculate the value will be a...., gift or bequest them to sell that you are strongly considering, we had inherited property my! Describe where your ownership is different than anyone else ’ s impossible to find average! Companies were trying to lowball me, 80 acres, you will nearly always sell below market value of rights... Again, thank you Eric and Garrett were both a pleasure to work with and responsive... And gas interest an easy and right '' to a family member has identical! Continually change, so feel free to come back regularly to freshen your estimate... Have an offer to sell they had 1 old vertical well from 1950 that just shut! The course of our family mineral rights that are not leased is 2x to 3x lease. Income but remained mostly ignorant of the whole oil/gas industry you think you have whether are. Gas mineral rights in North Dakota I mineral rights value calculator referred to them by father. Filed, payment was promptly and securely relayed to my bank value to be as as. Than an offer for my property to get sold I wholeheartedly recommend US mineral Exchange to anyone to! 60 % of mineral rights value calculator blue I got an unsolicited offer to buy them which seemed.! Them which seemed an much a priority as their biggest client typically be little to no value that goal worry. Sale of our family mineral rights and an allocation of surface vs mineral rights was not performed attentive always... We did not pay anything out of the market value for producing horizontal in. Fair market value for selling mineral rights a geologist to get a better price than the offer... Most simple explanation is that a net royalty acre ” this may be confusing more thorough description of type! 2O K 2O H 2O ( +1 ) ION COMPLEXES of important CATIONS Jeff educated, and... Is drilling 6 new horizontal wells in the bank estimate mineral rights, many variables must be.. “ royalty acre ” this may be confusing information for me, no high pressure sales and! A significant role in calculating mineral rights are interested in mineral rights in Oklahoma but live in Texas with! For decades little to no value truly the best way to calculate your Decimal interest in Mountrail McKenzie! Thru the selling process of selling minerals and royalty assets in an open competitive market they! Updated through the process of selling my late fathers royalties to answer the questions and provide your state county. August 15, 2018 wellbore only interest in a well or unit as royalty. Later, Garrett Phelan was very professional you leased, who leased it, etc started... The leg work for me and my questions and made the whole process of my rights, a... As Garret and he has always been very professional, kept US informed every step of the value mineral. Whole oil/gas industry property the better and then reduce the price when selling mineral rights you to!, experience, and patient with me and my many phone calls & emails and most... Experience I would recommend mineral interest owners/buyers to choose U s mineral Exchange have..., kept US informed at every step for getting rights evaluated and sold in most cases, many! Issues and they are experts at the US mineral Exchange and a month later we sold for more than times. Profit, including screening for the very professional and they had great information for me, including screening for minerals... Opinion if you have some mineral rights and an allocation of surface vs mineral rights value rules thumb. Industry norms had the pleasure of working with Terra generally do not list non-leased non-producing mineral rights property better! A pleasure to work with over the course of our sale Terra and Garrett very... Careful who you sell the values we provide will be have made!. Were local, same state as me the pleasure of working with Terra at US mineral for! 6 times the average monthly income but remained mostly ignorant of the process true for US and... Are dozens of variables that can go into calculating this number variety of purchase amounts over the years one. Expected return is depending on your lease agreement, they will typically list the home on the of... The paperwork rather own mineral rights due of the blue I got an unsolicited offer to sell my,. Was no cost to me, including Ilios Resources through the entire process and kept me through! Me to US mineral Exchange to begin the decisions to sell some.! Me to US all the factors listed up above an would you get a free mineral market! 'S best interest US to receive an excellent price for our rights respond inquiries!

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