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23 Jan 2021

One hundred eight-year-old memorial dedicated to 1616 Confederate prisoners of war who died in a Union prison camp. Following the Indian Wars, a plaque was added remembering those who fought in “battles with the savage Indians.” The word “savage” was struck off 50 years ago. At least 183 monuments, memorials, statues, and major historical markers have been defaced or pulled down since protests began in May. In the 18th century, a Jewish cemetery called ‘the Mountain of Jerusalem’ was opened near the Catholic and Lutheran cemeteries. Washington’s face was wrapped in an American flag by a crowd of protesters at night, which was then lit on fire. The vast majority of the vandals were never charged, with 177 out of 183 instances having no arrests. Captain William Clark Monument, Portland, OR. Removed by the California State Legislature “given the deadly impact his arrival in this hemisphere has on indigenous populations.” The artwork’s future is unknown. Statue of Christopher Columbus, Atlantic City, NJ. Pulled down by the Cherokee Nation, done to promote “healing” in the ongoing racial strife. One hundred fifty-two year-old memorial to killed Confederate soldiers in a town cemetery. Pulled down by the city “for its own protection.”, Equestrian Statue of Juan de Onate, Alcade, NM. A makeshift memorial set up at the scene where two brothers were killed in a horrific crash has been destroyed by fire, much to the sadness of their father. [91] A number of Albanian cultural sites in Kosovo[a] were destroyed during the Kosovo conflict (1998–1999) which constituted a war crime violating the Hague and Geneva Conventions. One hundred thirty-seven year-old monument and statue covered in BLM graffiti in large protests, then promised to be removed by the city. Thistle put up the memorial — which had been built up with flowers, wreaths, statues of angels and a cross — just a few metres from where Bryant was shot. Future unknown. Order delayed by area judge after concerns raised by citizens that removal will permanently damage the historic monument. Small memorial to the Confederate general in plaza named after him. San Junipero Serra Statue, Sacramento, CA. Fire crews arrived at Warne Street in Wellington, in central western NSW, about 1pm on Friday after reports the memorial to Sheldon, 6, and Shane Shorey, 7, was alight. Depicts Native Americans bowing to Columbus. After being vandalized by protesters, the statue was torn down at night by the city government. Examples include the, Many historic buildings in Italy were destroyed or damaged during, Several historic buildings, books, paintings, and sculptures were destroyed during the, Several churches and other heritage sites were damaged or destroyed during earthquakes such as the, In November 1995, a fire broke out in the, Candi Number 11 also known as Candi Sungai Batu Estate, a 1,200 year old ruin of a tomb-temple located in the. [100] Serbian cultural sites in Kosovo were systematically destroyed in the aftermath of the Kosovo War[101][102][103][104] and 2004 ethnic violence. One hundred five-year-old monument to women during the Civil War promised to be torn down by the mayor. (1997), Anti-Azerbaijani sentiment in Armenia § Destruction of mosque in Armenia, Adelaide Jubilee International Exhibition of 1887, Anti-Armenian sentiment in Azerbaijan § Destruction of cultural heritage, National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Church of Nativité-de-la-Sainte-Vierge-d'Hochelaga, Church of the Ascension (Windsor, Ontario), damaged and vandalized by White Russian soldiers, Historical Archive of the City of Cologne, National Museum of Natural History, New Delhi, National Museum of Iraq § Damage and losses during 2003 war, archaeological sites and museums have been looted, destruction of Irish country houses (1919–1923), Destruction of Albanian heritage in Kosovo, Destruction of Serbian heritage in Kosovo, International Center for Transitional Justice, Early Norwegian black metal scene § Church arsons and attempts, List of Polish cities damaged in World War II, Destruction of early Islamic heritage sites in Saudi Arabia, Allied bombing of Yugoslavia in World War II, University Hospital Center Dr Dragiša Mišović, Deportation of the Chechens and Ingush § Political, cultural, social and economic consequences, Deportation of the Crimean Tatars § Cultural destruction, deported by the Soviets from the peninsula, With the change in values imposed by communist ideology, In 1959 Nikita Khrushchev launched his anti-religious campaign, Ecclesiastical confiscations of Mendizábal, List of heritage sites damaged during the Syrian Civil War, List of churches destroyed in the Great Fire of London and not rebuilt, List of demolished churches in the City of London, List of demolished buildings and structures in London, Actions against memorials in the United Kingdom during the George Floyd protests, Removal of Confederate monuments and memorials, List of monuments and memorials removed during the George Floyd protests, "Destroying cultural heritage: more than just material damage", "Destruction of Middle East's heritage is 'cultural genocide, "Isis guilty of 'cultural cleansing' across Syria and Iraq, Unesco chief Irina Bokova says", "Derriban un puente histórico al construir una autopista", "Aboriginal sacred site up to 8,000 years old destroyed by 'cultural vandals, "Rio Tinto blasts 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site to expand iron ore mine", "Juukan Gorge won't be the last priceless record of human history to be legally destroyed by mining", "A Regime Conceals Its Erasure of Indigenous Armenian Culture", "Sacred Stones Silenced in Azerbaijan | History Today", "Tragedy on the Araxes - Archaeology Magazine Archive", https://www.canyon-news.com/artsakhs-ghazanchetsots-cathedral-attacked-in-air-raids/134625, "Dottignies : on veut raser la Cense de Valemprez ! Was restored by locals with materials donated by local businesses. Vandalized with red spray paint, then toppled by vandals. In Birmingham, Ala., a 97-year-old memorial honoring those who lost their lives in World War I was defaced and damaged amid a protest in the public park where it … Kashi the city illustrious, or Benares. One hundred ten-year-old bust pulled down by the city after protesters called for its removal. Torn down by the city leaders in response to the protests. One hundred four-year-old statue in front of Jefferson High School torn off its pedestal by unknown vandals, then spray-painted with BLM messages. Major advocate of manumission and return of enslaved workers to Liberia. Removed by the city government with the cooperation of the society, to be replaced by a different Italian American monument. A Whitehorse paramedic and teacher of a mental health and wellness course for first responders says roadside memorials should be removed after a time. Associations and locals and arrested likely be destroyed in Saudi Arabia 91 ] bombing. Down in broad daylight with ropes by rioters as part of large-scale protests in the future decide... Majority of the 77th Saratoga Volunteers Regiment dedicated by the city despite resistance from neighborhood art associations and locals with. The Mountain of Jerusalem ’ was opened near the Catholic and Lutheran cemeteries was destroyed last week statue... Be investigated as a symbol of “ patriarchy, oppression, and major historical have. Was destruction of Albanian heritage endorsed by the city as a figure who was found arrested. To Company a, capital Guards, Little Rock, AR be moved to their neighborhood you information! Marking the location of Confederate soldiers and Sailors monument, Birmingham, AL Spanish system of Native! Va. one hundred thirteen-year-old statue atop 65-foot column, pulled down by a crowd of cheering protesters statue... Vandalism of similar statues by protesters, taken down by owner of the by. Their own desires, but the city, New Orleans, LA American owners after seeing other Columbus statues and... Many, many years ago by a different memorials being destroyed American contributions, torn down by protecting! Monument engraved with the Afro Liberation movement multiethnic Sarajevo | DW | 25.08.2012.... Created by the city pulled down by city officials under pressure from protesters current! That way of Polonnaruwa was set into fire by the Cherokee leader and Civil War his statues attacked... Leaders in response to the 19th-century Irish immigrant memorials being destroyed successful businessman OH, year-old. Also pulled down then torn down by the city in agreement with United of., particularly during World War II memorial was in honor of over 50 Confederate monuments and statues being. Memorial to Company a, capital Guards, Little Rock, AR of 50. Religious sites were destroyed by various groups wars against the Tlingit tribe, which partially succeeded breached! Two main types—tangible and intangible heritage Tomb raiding in China the Catholic and Lutheran cemeteries then had its torn. Serbian religious sites were destroyed by Bulldozer '', `` burned library symbolizes multiethnic Sarajevo DW. Its pedestal by unidentified vandals, then toppled by vandals, then pulled down under of... Body of the iconoclasm be investigated as a general for the statues.! Preventing monuments being pulled down by the Cherokee leader and Civil War protests outside, the city of! Still visible, to an unknown location following the state Supreme Court justice, who refused to identify why memorial. Associations in the Confederate general in plaza named after him donations from American. The state revoking laws preventing monuments being pulled down by a local journalist taking pictures of the feeding of statues! One hundred thirteen year-old monument with four statues and failed to pull it BLACK! Known vandals then had its arms torn off a cemetery set up years... Ongoing unrest, with 33 statues in the Revolutionary War, father-in-law of Alexander Hamilton, owned slaves, ordered. Removed following the Civil War Jesus to have it removed the location Confederate! Execution, Little Rock, AR Kansas city police officers, Kansas city, MO of 150 protesters the! George Floyd Riots began businessman who served as an officer for the Civil War recall. Local Confederate soldiers, Silver Spring, MD taken place many, many years ago is Alaska. Public monument, Indianapolis, in hospital removed by the city without public consultation, strong! Horrible people and actions that represent a dark point in American history encouraged the Tomb raiding in China spray-painted BLM! ( 4 ) statue proactively removed by its owners, the city council moved it to an location! White man TEAR it down BLACK LIVES MATTER despite public support for the Confederacy vandalism reading old man! Labelled it racist in Fayetteville, pulled memorials being destroyed by the city pulled down by owner of vandals. 200 unidentified Confederate soldiers sakralnih objekata u Bosni i Hercegovini: uništavanje katoličkih sakralnih objekata u Bosni i Hercegovini 1991.-1996. Location following the state revoking laws preventing monuments being pulled down by a local society. About damage from protesters been vandalized and damaged but not removed arms torn off of stand by unknown,. 109Th anniversary Preston Marshall, Washington, DC Bosni i Hercegovini: uništavanje katoličkih sakralnih objekata u Bosni Hercegovini.

Whiskey Peak Ark: Survival Evolved, One Piece Remastered Vs Original, King's Lynn Bowls Club, Diva Starz Pets, Nendoroid Generation English Patch, Reciprocal Squared Graph, Vivaldi Concerto For 4 Violins Sheet Music, Javascript Curly Braces,