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23 Jan 2021

It can be found in a bag near Chaos… MMCS Professor Chaos being taken away by The Coon. In his debut episode, he was able to hack the Jumbotron screen at the stadium to announce that he's going to flood the world. Morse focuses his practice on personal injury law, representing clients who have been injured due to car accidents, truck accidents or other catastrophes caused by negligence in the metropolitan Detroit area as well as Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Canton, Mount Clemens, Troy, Warren and … "Chaos..." Mysterion whispered, extending an arm out to rub the side of his aluminum-foil helmet. There was nothing like wrecking havoc while wearing tin foil helmet and gloves. Professor Chaos specializes in attack and disruption from a distance. Professor Chaos expressing delight on not being able to be controlled by Doctor Timothy's psychic powers. His helmet has no top, showing Butter's blonde hair. Professor Chaos unleashing his Ultimate ability 'Hammer of Chaos'. His special ability is akin to that of Eric Cartman, reigning chaos and causing heavy damage to enemies all over the screen. Cartman, as the Coon, seeks Chaos's assistance in order to figure out the identity of Mysterion. I took the chance to rip his helmet off and land a hard punch on the back of his head. Professor Chaos being 'ungrounded' by The New Kid during the battle against. Business Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Eventually, Professor Chaos got out of the cell, and decided to take his minions (hamsters) before going to infiltrate. Regular price $19.99 Las Vegas - Downtown. 13:47. His Ultimate ability is a powerful weapon against clusters of foes. Even though he had just met the guy, he felt a … Professor Chaos outsources chaos with ruthless efficiency, relying on an army of hamster minions, Chaos Kids and Minions to execute his vaguely evil plans. At the end of "Coon vs. Coon & Friends", The Coon is also in the same cell as Chaos after Cthulhu was defeated by Mint Berry Crunch. Once thwarted, he readily teams up with the New Kid and their allies, even joining Call Girl in defending the New Kid when Doctor Timothy turns Coon and Friends against them. With all the effort the Professor has made, he was still hopelessly defeated, and was brought back to the Coon Lair, locked in the cell previously held him for days. Professor Chaos creates fake Facebook posts about the Coon and Friends, ruining their reputation and keeping them from getting Netflix to greenlight their superhero franchise. On the second night, he show up and serve as a mastermind behind the U-Stor-It, which the Professor has changed into his evil lair. Professor Chaos making his appearance through an outdoor screen set up in the front compound of U-Stor-It. For Professor Chaos' role in South Park: Phone Destroyer, see Professor Chaos (Phone Destroyer). He did retrieve his minions successfully, however, his dad, Steven Stotch, angrily spotted him, along with the New Kid. I decided that our Butters needed a new Halloween costume, and Professor Chaos was the obvious choice. Age List of Yaoi Art in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. His gloved hand fell back, eyes wide open. Spreading destruction and terror wherever he goes, Professor Chaos might prove to be more than a match for the intrepid Coon and Friends.[1]. Current After Kenny's shuriken cuts Chaos's eye, Professor Chaos reverts into Butters. Sex/Gender Professor Chaos was one of the main villains in South Park. His eyes show no iris or pupils, like those of various anime characters in the episode, such as Bullrog's (Cartman) or Craig's. They also go on to point out that every idea has already been done in some way or another. Aliases Professor Chaos seems to be a mad-scientist-like villain whose goal is to bring chaos and disorder. After several episodes as The Boys' fourth friend following the "permanent" death of Kenny, Butters was fired by the others for being "too lame" and being unable to fill Kenny's niche. Freedom PalsChaos Kids (Former) The New Kid looked around and discovers a blueprint for the "Flying Minion", thereby figured out a way to "Haywire" the door's electrical systems. He remained in custody until the next day, when the New Kid was about to infiltrate the Freedom Pals' base. In "The Simpsons Already Did It", Chaos becomes even more disillusioned with his plans when Dougie points out they all seem to be ripped off from the show "The Simpsons" and even when he comes up with good, original plans, the show uses them (including the one about replacing the chocolates in the cherries). He has aluminum shoulder pads, connected by a chain that goes across his chest, shoulder to shoulder. Then, the Coon comes to finish off Chaos by slashing him, thus making Chaos run away home. When donning on his costume, he turns into a large muscular man, surrounded with an electromagnetic aura. With a satisfied grin, he said, “Come, my Consort of Chaos! In-game splash image of "Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme". He also wears tinfoil gloves and boots and a green cape. Race/Ethnicity A Holographic version of Professor Chaos riding the Mini-Supreme appears as an enemy in the Heavy Hitters and Stand Your Ground challenges of the Danger Deck. Not an accredited professor. He constructs a crude costume from aluminum foil, complete with a Magneto like helmet, dubs himself " Professor Chaos ", and promises to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting populace, though not before his mother tells him to go to sleep. Later on, after defeating Dr. Timothy, he agrees to merge Coon and Friends with the Freedom Pals. Aliases This week's announcements include promotions/appointments at StockX, Lear Corp. and Strategic Staffing Solutions. However, Professor Chaos is not despite the fact that he wears a tinfoil costume himself. However, Professor Chaos is thwarted when the Coon and Friends simultaneously clear their names, defeat Zuckerberg, and force him to shut down Facebook entirely. South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! - In-game character description. His identity is soon figured out by another boy, who turns out to be Dougie, who joins him as General Disarray, due to their status as outcasts. We must create your character sheet and established your villain powers before we … Alignment With a new perspective, Butters returns to his plans of devastating the world. For the complete collection of Professor Chaos's quotes, refer to the page Professor Chaos/Quotes. His Chaos Blast is similar to Human Kite's eye lasers, while his Chaos Confuse-O-Tron works best against enemies in the thick of their own formation, where they can catch their allies with Shock and target them via Confuse; if nothing else, its long range lets him hit foes from a wide variety of angles. Professor Chaos's minion summoning move might be a reference to the episode The Last of the Meheecans where he became a leader of the Mexican people. Professor Chaos confronting The Coon, The New Kid, Human Kite and Toolshed through outdoor screens at another section of U-Stor-It. South Park Archives is a FANDOM TV Community. Butters Gets Bullied - South Park Best Moments #4 - Duration: 10:34. Professor Chaos get up gave Butters the courage to do what he planned during those blurred together days before Christmas. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This set includes Psy-Ops Helmet, Gloves, and Suit. Grounding It is no surprise that Chaos decides to recruit The New Kid, he actually tried convincing many people to join his evil side, he even came up with a codename for Captain Diabetes: "Admiral Anarchy". However, he was tormented and exploited by the others, even by his own parents. Professor Chaos outsources chaos with ruthless efficiency, relying on an army of hamster minions, Chaos Kids and Minions to execute his vaguely evil plans. They asks Chaos to shove the minion up their butt, and launches them at the electric lock. Attorney Michael J. Morse is the founder of The Mike Morse Law Firm in Southfield, Michigan. JUSTICE LEAGUE- … This is the only exceptional act he has done as his immense powers in "Good Times with Weapons" are his imagination. After his secret identity, Butters Stotch, leaves the Stick of Truth Game, he returns to his plan to wreak havoc. Straight Cis Male Defeat Professor Chaos in the story and the Chaos Suit is yours. While the Professor sat frustrated beside the bed, playing a harmonica. Get up to 50% off. he later assists The New Kid in defeating Dr. Timothy. Occupation Kryptonite Helps the New Kid infiltrate in the Freedom Pals' base, but he is grounded by his father and the New Kid ungrounds him. Fed up with such poor treatment by his classmates, he turns to a life of evil and builds his costume. Appearances Race/Ethnic Butters 3rd ability is "Professor Chaos" which has Butters turn into the anime style Professor Chaos, the player then spins a wheel to choose an ability. Butters as his evil alter ego "Professor Chaos" As a result, Butters vengefully adopted the alter ego of Professor Chaos. OSU Helmet Scarf / Ohio State BUCKEYES / Go Bucks / scarlet gray black white yarn / Handmade Columbus OH AFieldOfSunflowers. Grade Blonde Asks the New Kid to meet him at the bank to resolve the problem he has with his minions' checks and later on they fight against some Rednecks angry at him. All the Chaos Kids are immune to fire due the tinfoil costumes they wear. I'm thirteen years old, and I want to go as Professor Chaos for Halloween(as a bonus, good pictures for DeviantArt.com). He is able to jump up in the air and land on the ground causing a miniature earthquake. Grounding With the money he had, he transformed the entire facility into his giant lair, and he hired hundreds of minions to defend his property, purchased countless lego bricks to "lava" the town, he even built a huge "Mecha Minions Chaos Supreme" with missiles to fight the Coon and Friends. Professor Chaos making his physical appearance inside his creation "Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme". He was an Assistant Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada from 1974-1977, a Professor at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada from 1977-1994, and joined the Psychology Department at Florida State University in 1994. In a later episode, he joins the Legion of Doom. Age BEIJING (AP) — As a new U.S. president takes office, he faces a determined Chinese leadership that could be further emboldened by America's troubles at home. Male Neil’s primary research interest concerning age and technology use. However, he had a greater plan, causing great havoc to prove his worth to lead the crime wave. Matt Stone Character Information However, on the first day, apart from placing "Lava" and informing the Coon about it, he has no major role in the story. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Butters Stotch Professor Chaos has two minions, but in reality are just guinea pigs in tin foil. Professor Chaos begins to attempt a reign of terror by switching Bennigan's menus, stealing erasers, among other minor crimes, and becomes increasingly frustrated with a lack of recognition from the town, blaming it on a government cover-up. Butters then works with Mark Zuckerberg, who aids him in his plan, allowing all fake posts to surface, as the public blindly accepts each post as 'news'. Human Professor Chaos(orginally from South Park) is the supervillan ego of Butters Stoch and one of the antagonists in the Kanonvers. He shows technical skill by hacking into a large screen at a baseball game where he announces his plans to flood the Earth, which again fails. He is able to instantly cast a web, thus trapping people such as Stan and Kyle in the "Web of Holding". Professor Chaos Informs The Coon and The New Kid that him and his minions have strategically placed lava in certain areas of South Park. Professor Chaos is immune to the Mind Control status effect. Some of the trailers and other videos for the game show The New Kid using the Haywire ability to fire a Flying Minion at Token’s house, and it hits the door and runs away. Alignment Entropy Professor Chaos, with The New Kid expressing shock at the fact that their house is being repossessed by the. This outfit has really been a work in progress for the past few weeks. It's Professor Chaos!" After a first grader named Dougie is similarly rejected by the boys, he becomes Professor Chaos' right-hand man General Disarray. He originally becomes Professor Chaos due to the fact that he is occasionally seen to others as futile after being rejected as a replacement for Kenny, making him a lonely outcast ultimately turning to the dark side. Class Helps the Freedom Pals to look for The Coon and Mitch Conner. Hooded In the Superheroes Arc, there is no indication of the superpowers he had in "Good Times with Weapons". Regular price $300 Las Vegas - East. First he waited for his parents to fall asleep, and then he got dressed in his Professor Chaos costume and snuck out. White or transparent. Professor Chaos being detained in the Coon Lair's Holding Cell. As a result, the New Kid was grounded with Professor Chaos in Butter's room. Professor Chaos Helmet. When introducing himself to The Boys, he is able to hover above the ground and discharge bolts of lighting around him. Goes back in time alongside the Freedom Pals in order to stop the rise of Mitch Conner. Professor Chaos later meets Dougie and makes him his new sidekick, General Disarray. Hair His Chaos Minion is an effective meat shield, being able to move around and inflict damage to draw enemy fire. Professor Chaos's first ever appearance, a video call of him claiming that he has strategically placed "lava" across the town of South Park. Attorney Michael J. Morse is the founder of The Mike Morse Law Firm in Southfield, Michigan. Straight Cis Male Professor Chaos lost slight balance, but turned quickly and landed a right hook on the Coon's face. A hovering Anime Styled Chaos as featured in "Good Times with Weapons". He was once a loveable boy with a warm personality. In the later episodes of the Superheroes Arc, Chaos is only seen inside a holding cell at the Coon and Friends Headquarters as a punishment for his misdeeds, though it isn't seen what his deeds were. Brian Amman, ecologist for the Centers for Disease Control, takes a look at disastrous pandemics from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how … Human Professor Chaos is a strong buddy on higher difficulties, where Shock does more damage and turning enemies against each other with Confuse can become even more useful. He is later revealed to be Butters after being hit with Kenny's shuriken. First Voiced by He is seen confronted as a primary antagonist against The Boys in "Good Times with Weapons", where he's initially mistaken as Craig when Cartman asks, "Craig, is that you?" South Park Stick of Truth Gameplay Walkthrough Part 11 - Professor Chaos - Duration: 13:47. theRadBrad 567,422 views. Disarray soon rejoins the fight and flees again in their brawl against Mysterion. 4 His normal friendly personality often shines through his theatrics, causing him to comment on how cool his battle with the heroes will look in their franchise or apologize when he manages to actually cause trouble for someone. Villains arrive and battle the five boys, but by the end, Chaos shatters a testicle, and is taken to Hells Pass Hospital, the site of the next level, and afterwards is absent from the storyline. Bring the Crunch - Helps The New Kid, Fastpass, and Mintberry Crunch to look for the missing monitors in Lake Tardicaca. Religion ; From South Park, Kenny, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko! Butters is adorable, and maybe I can talk my sister(a … Occupation Unique Professor Chaos South Park Stickers designed and sold by artists. This page was last edited on 19 November 2017, at 13:32. Chaotic Professor Chaos looking confused about the actions The New Kid is taking. Blaster-Summoner Professor Chaos is the supervillain alter-ego of Butters Stotch. When his friends finally threw him out of their group, he became evil and vowed to overthrow the world in chaos. Professor Chaos, with The New Kid being grounded in his bedroom. He is depicted as an adult superhero, the artist apparently having failed to notice that Professor Chaos is an existing character. Professor Chaos unlocked as a Combat Buddy. He then allies with Professor Chaos and bullies Chaos into threatening to blow up a hospital if Mysterion doesn't reveal his identity. His move set is the "Sniper"-type used by Kenny McCormick, Craig Tucker, and Pip Pirrip, with slow movement but heavy damage. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Kryptonite The Coon hissed in frustration, clawing at Professor Chaos's face. Professor Chaos faltered, stumbled and put up his hands in defence.

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