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General Hospital Laura Spencer (1977-2021) Quarantine Norma (2020) The Young and the Restless Genevieve Atkinson (2011-2012) She works as Ned's assistant at L&B Records and they get engaged. To protect him from Sonny's wrath, Kristina tells everyone that Ethan was the one who abused her. In February 2010, Dante and Ronnie decide to work for the Port Charles Police Department. Exclusive: General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn and William deVry Dish About Julexis It all started in the backseat of a Chevy Camaro when they were kids over 30 years ago —now th (more…) While planning the wedding, Lydia began to develop feelings for Nikolas, but Nikolas was still in love with Emily. When Milo said that his crush was older and African American, Felix hoped Milo was speaking about him but Milo was speaking about Epiphany Johnson. They were happy for a short time until Emily developed breast cancer and pushed Zander away. Despite his numerous flirtations with many women around Port Charles, he remained single for two years. Anthony hires a hitwoman to kill Abby Haver's ex-boyfriend Brandon Lowell and frame her for the murder. 5. Eventually, Reese apologized to Carly, realizing her father was the one who had been wrong, The two made peace, and Sonny and Reese went on with their relationship. [3] Gerhardt originally auditioned for the role of Logan Hayes, and invited to audition for Coop after making an impression on the casting directors. Coleman has been portrayed by actor Blake Gibbons since 2002. Patrick works on developing a relationship with him, and convinces Matt to be his best man at his wedding to Robin Scorpio. Aboard the plane, she sits next to a man who introduces himself as Aaron. Lydia packed her belongings and went to stay with Lucky at Kelly's Diner. It was revealed she was his mistress. Cameron later found out that Peter had actually committed suicide, but didn't tell Zander. Through eavesdropping, she found he was the real father of Sam McCall's baby and planned to use it to her advantage. | Michael Fairman On-Air On-Soaps | Daytime Soap Interviews, News, Updates and Previews, Video and Audio Interviews", "General Hospital Sneak Peek: Week of 1/28/13 | SOAPnet", "The Scoop: A GH preview for the week of February 25, 2013 | General Hospital @", "Soap Opera Supercouples – Soap Opera Digest and Weekly", "Eugene Register-Guard – Google News Archive Search", "Times-Union – Google News Archive Search", "Deep Soap: 'General Hospital' Gets Supernatural | XFINITY TV Blog by Comcast", "General Hospital Actor – Drew Cheetwood", "GH Cooks up a DAYS reunion - General Hospital @", "Former 'Days' Actor Appears Tomorrow on 'General Hospital, "Jason Cook 'stepping away' from General Hospital - General Hospital @", "Amelia Joffe Played by Annie Wersching on General Hospital -", "Michael Logan's Best of 2007: Supersized Edition! After visiting Maxie in jail, Matt told her that he didn't like his life without her, and he declared his love for her. Calhoun Times and Gordon County News – March 4, 2000 (via Google News archive): The Vindicator – September 2, 2002 (via Google News archive): Portsmouth Daily Times – July 2, 2003 (via Google News archive): Stated by Alexis on the May 27, 2009 episode. Perhaps Ronnie is the one attacking the strippers, and is attempting to pin the crimes on Eddie to avoid suspicion. After surviving this ordeal, Nikolas and Gia planned to move on with their lives and got engaged to marry. The couple pretend to be married so that Rayleen can die in peace. However, Epiphany showed her softer side after Robin was presumed deceased. Reese believed Carly had seduced her father, but Carly argued she was a teenager and Reese's father had taken advantage. After finding it boring, he resumes his position in Sonny Corinthos' organization. When Sonny's sons, Michael and Morgan. Instead, she just wants to try to get Lucky interested in dating her again. during 2011 that focus on General Hospital or past and present GH performers.. To read any of the articles listed below, simply click on the appropriate link. Noah Drake. One night, after feeling that she is being followed, Courtney shoot her stalker, and Coleman ends up in General Hospital. This led to Matt building a friendship with Maxie's enemy, Elizabeth Webber. When Sam gets suspicious of what's going on in the room, Ronnie kidnaps her too because she has become a liability just like Lulu. He died with Sam by his side. Reese realized that she was falling for Sonny, but she reluctantly started building a case. One bursts during surgery, causing the entire OR team to collapse, and the toxin to spread through the ventilating system into the board room of the hospital, where the fundraiser was being held. Milo finally asked Epiphany out and she accepted. Her mother Lois shows up to find her and her father Ned convinces them to stay and run their old record label L&B again. “General Hospital” plans to celebrate beloved cast member John Reilly and his iconic character Sean Donely with an episode dedicated to him this spring, Variety has learned exclusively. During this, Matt was also a suspect in the murder of Lisa Niles, and frustrated with both that and Maxie's behavior, Matt broke up with her. Nik wishes her "the best of luck" and Nadine does the same. Zander was also being blackmailed by Ric Lansing, who wanted custody of Zander's unborn child. Anthony threatens to kill her, but Spinelli helps her get away. Franco Baldwin. Part of the deal was to pose as Sonny's mistress. Courtney and Jason framed Zander to hide Courtney's own guilt. Reese was too hurt to see Carly's side, as their fight had led to the accident that nearly killed her, and eventually led to her father's death. Emily and Lydia did not get along. longest-tenured actors in American soap operas, "Character Monica Quartermaine Biography", "Today in Soap Opera History (August 17)", "Frank Plans To Divorce Nancy; Mac Moves Back With Rachel", "Seeing 'General Hospital' Through Good Times And Ill", "Jackie Zeman headed back to General Hospital", "GH ANNOUNCES JANE ELLIOT'S FINAL AIRDATE", "Who Is Nurse Francesca on GENERAL HOSPITAL? Stefan realized that Emily would be a problem. Now intoxicated, she heads out, determined to tell Lucky the truth. She meets his half-brother Lucky Spencer, who is the first person in town to ask her about herself. They are both invited to the fundraiser for pediatric brain injuries in honor Michael Corinthos. Macht departed from the role in February 2009. She is the only one who knows that Nikolas sees Emily's ghost as an effect of the tumor. The board suspended Alexis' law license, and Diane worked hard to help her friend get her license back. Played By Leslie Charleson. They now regularly date. She is arrested, but Alexis manages to get her released. [8] Actress Jane Elliot, who joined the serial in June 1978 as Tracy Quartermaine, is the fifth longest-running cast member, joining General Hospital in June 1978, and appearing on and off until February 2020. Kate Howard, editor-in-chief of Crimson, has a mishap with a police cruiser, and Diane works a plea bargain with the prosecutor, getting Kate community service at the hospital. He is assigned to Michael Corinthos III's case after Michael's biological father A. J. Quartermaine kidnapped him, and later died by being smothered to death with a pillow. [48] In a 2009 interview, Teschner described Hennesy's success, explaining, "I knew it needed somebody special who had a certain charisma and presence and here it is, a couple years later, and she's one of the most major, non-contract players we've ever had, and an Emmy pre-nom two years in a row. She decided to pretend to be interested in Matt, so he would fall in love with her and then she could reject him, showing Spinelli he doesn't have anything to worry about. Anthony's children, Johnny Zacchara and Claudia Zacchara, hate Trevor and blame him for their pain and anger towards their father. When Ric attempted to end his partnership with Faith, she did not want to let him go. After the hotel explodes, Maxie sneaks Coop out and hides his involvement. But as she approaches Lucky's house, she steps into the street and gets hit by a car. When she found out Elizabeth was pregnant, she tricked Elizabeth into a supposed meeting with Sonny. [1][2] Former cast member Rachel Ames was previously the series' longest-running cast member, portraying Audrey Hardy from 1964 to 2007, and making guest appearances in 2009 and 2013, the latter for the series' fiftieth anniversary. "For the last several weeks, the characters on General Hospital have been talking nonstop about Anthony Zacchara, a mobster so scary his mere name makes Port Charles crime boss, On the August 12, 2009 episode, Olivia tells Ronnie that Ronnie Jr. looks like him. Played By Nancy Lee Grahn. He gets arrested when his mother, Alison Barrington, is murdered. After the event and death of Nikolas' fiancé Emily Quartermaine, Nadine works with Nikolas on his brain tumor. Please note that the dates listed only reflect the actors' time on General Hospital, and not on its spinoffs. Ellis also works for Jasper Jacks (Jax), who reveals to Alexis in 2001 that her sister is alive. [3] There was often speculation the character would have a relation to fan favorite Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil), but it is eventually stated on-screen there is no relation. Elizabeth rushes there with Nikolas to get Lucky away to go Christmas tree shopping. In 2008, Max's father Maximus Giambetti, played by Vincent Pastore, comes to town. On the roof of General Hospital, Sonny tries to shoot Trevor after Trevor threatens to drop the biotoxin, which would cause everyone in Port Charles to get sick. Rosco went to Sonny to beg for her life. Diane simply replies that everyone deserves good counsel. In February 2008, Epiphany suffered a serious heart attack and collapsed in the hospital locker room. Danny ended up falling ill, and was hospitalized with Sam. She refused to let him give up, and she took him to the gym as part of his physical therapy. She blamed Luke Spencer, because of him saying he would take Anthony out for her. He gives Dillon a letter Sage had written for him but never sent. Even though Emily was married, pictures were taken of Emily and Nikolas almost getting intimate. Monica Quartermaine. "List of General Hospital characters" 2000s, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series, "General Hospital: Cooper to Exit Port Charles", "Gerhardt's Cooper makes a dramatic exit", "Jason Gerhardt Happy to be on General Hospital", "ABC cancels 'Port Charles' after six years", "Erin Hershey Presley Reprises 'PC' Role on 'General Hospital, "Erin Hershey Presley Returns to Port Charles Today on General Hospital! Ryan White-Nobles @sourceryan June 4, 2018 / 7:46 PM December 17, 2018 1. He has been played by actor Derk Cheetwood since 2002. Rosco found a new partner in Sonny's new lawyer Ric Lansing. [42] Her father, Bill Monroe, left her mother and married gold-digger Angela Monroe (Sam McCall). Maxie soon found out she could feel more herself in her relationship with Matt, confessing to Robin that Matt might be the perfect guy for her. He set her up to confess while the PCPD listened in. No-nonsense nurse Epiphany Johnson is a force to be reckoned with. [38] These rumors turned out to be false, as Cook played a new character, Dr. Matt Hunter. She sought comfort in Lucky. After she won a poker game against Luke, she became a partner in the casino. She was briefly married to Nikolas Cassadine. One night a drunken A. J. Quartermaine runs his car into the bar. He also said Scott had ruined his family with a bad business deal years before. Alexis hides her guilt for a while, but eventually confesses. Molly suspects she has bipolar disorder, like her uncle, Sonny Corinthos, but later discovers that she's suffering from PTSD. to end the blackmail. Gia then became the new face of Deception, a cosmetic company owned by Laura Spencer, Nikolas' mother. As a te… Sam hated Alexis, blaming her for Danny's death, and didn't want anything to do with her. They're caught, but Alexis reluctantly lets them date if they agree to follow the rules. As a new year dawned, Sonny decided to take his recovery to the next level, but Epiphany objected. Then she pretends she has been stabbed, and when the others find out, they yell at her. Kristina later overhears Alexis tell Jax that their meeting should wait, but instead Kristina introduces herself and they hug. [54][55][56] She first appeared as Rebecca on January 15, 2009. Dillon tries to explain, but Georgie refuses to listen. She was portrayed by Martha Byrne from June through September 2009. [71] Weitz also adds some much-needed comic relief to the particularly gloomy soap. Molly is on the ski trip bus when it crashes, but survives with minor injuries. When Coleman arrives in 2002, he is the owner of a bar called The Oasis. Presley appeared as Alison from January 30–31, 2013. The four are often conspiring together, trying to help the others stay out of trouble. After his association with Faith ends, he is hired by Tracy Quartermaine to steal treasure from a ship named The Courage. Kristina has a dream of Kiefer being next to her bed, telling her to get up so they can go to the beach together. Quartermaine. Molly Lansing was introduced in November 2005 as the daughter of the daughter of Ric Lansing and Alexis Davis. Garrett Floyd debuted in 2006 as Mayor of Port Charles. Luke arrived and found Lucky tied up. [4] It is later revealed Cooper was murdered by the real killer, Diego Alcazar. She was arrested once again, and begged Justus to help her. Nadine and Nik visit Rayleen, and her last wish is for Nadine and Nik to get married. Before he was accepted into the police academy, he allowed Franco to take the fall for a crime he committed. When Reese told Sonny about Durant, he helped her sneak out of the hospital and hide at his house. A final flashback shows Dr. Thomas smothering A.J. Logan Houston Hayes[34] is a fictional character on the popular ABC soap opera, General Hospital. Nikolas and Nadine continue to spend more time together, and seem to be heading towards a relationship. Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes [50], In September 2012, after the character had been off-screen for several months, Hennesy announced she would be reprising the role.[51]. While they were in the car, Rafe admitted to causing the accident that ran Patrick Drake's family off the road, killing Patrick's son, Gabriel. His wife, Tracy Quartermaine found his dead body in her boathouse. Anthony hides a fugitive Lisa Niles and convinces her to take people hostage at the hospital. Alison Barrington is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, Port Charles, a spin-off of General Hospital. The longest-running cast member is Leslie Charleson, who has portrayed Dr. Monica Quartermaine since August 17, 1977, also making her one of the longest-tenured actors in American soap operas. To view any of the daily recaps here, simply locate the week that you want to review. Faith Rosco (maiden name Flynn) is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. When Luis Alcazar is murdered, a feverish Skye admits to Coleman that she thinks she killed him, and Coleman helps A.J. Macht revealed that though his character would love to get back together with her, he mistreats her because of her involvement with his "step-son", Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), and his pride is hurt; he has lost yet another woman to Sonny. Carly Corinthos. Sam discovered her illegal adoption, and that her birth mother was Alexis. She got drunk and ended up sleeping with Max Giambetti, Sonny's main bodyguard who blamed himself for not protecting Michael. Matt later has a talk with Patrick about the marriage, and Matt tells Patrick he's happy with Maxie, and that he loves her. Luke was originally accused of Summer's murder. [49] Logan wrote, "Her category is inevitably hogged by leading ladies afraid to compete as best actress. Patrick was overcome with grief and he turned to pills. She was portrayed by Eileen Boylan in 2003, and then by Katie Stuart in 2004. She helps Lucy find a way out of the Spoon Island tunnels, and tells Rafe to not give up hope. Quartermaine, his biological father. Mitchell "Coleman" Ratcliffe is a fictional character on the popular ABC daytime drama General Hospital. [67] Previously Weitz was known for his Emmy award-winning role as Detective Mick Belker on hit NBC crime drama, Hill Street Blues. Elizabeth however, felt nothing but friendship and was instead drawn to a co-worker named Ewen. The success of the book became Diane's main focus, as she focused on publicizing and writing the novel. Reese revealed that she and Carly had gotten into a fight in high school when Reese found out her father had slept with Carly. Maxie became extremely jealous and even got Elizabeth suspended from her job, after accusing her of stealing medication. Quartermaine, and Franco. [46] The case was resolved in December 2006. Faith Rosco arrived in Port Charles in late 2002 to take down rival mobster, Sonny Corinthos. Edward's car careens uncontrollably through the hospital carnival, coming to rest against a ride after plowing through several people. As Liz's back was turned, she pushed her down the stairs. Ric reveals that after Sonny's father, Mike Corbin, walked out on Sonny and his wife Adela, Adela began an affair with the married Trevor who at the time was her boss. Asher Thomas is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera General Hospital, most notable for attempting to kill A. J. Quartermaine in the year 2005. Coleman takes the pay off and uses the money to buy another bar, Jake's. In April 2011 Anthony is released from prison and is living with Johnny. Nik and Lydia were married that week. Elizabeth survived. However, Robin Scorpio believes that Brianna was actually murdered, and starts her own investigation. She attends prom with Rafe, but afterwards, she decides to be with T.J., and the two reunite. She decides to get help by going to therapy. General Hospital fans know that the show has to get good ratings, and that sometimes means they have to get rid of people. Jason Morgan helped prove Sam's innocence, and Danny wasn't charged, due to his mental state. Believing Ned and Alexis had slept together, Kristina decides to leave town, but Alexis convinces her to stay. 'GH' cast shake-ups stun fans. While working for Faith, A.J. Recently Milo confessed to Sonny about having an attraction to someone that his father might object to. Sarah gave birth in June to daughter Bethany. The character was portrayed by actor, Ronnie Marmo from July 9, 2009 to May 7, 2012. [44] Trevor's hate for Sonny stems from Adela's decision to choose Sonny over him and their son, Ric (Rick Hearst). Alcazar's plan failed when the PCPD found Faith alive in the harbor. That same night, Kiefer helps Kristina cover her tracks when she runs her step mother Claudia Zacchara Corinthos off the road, who later suffers a miscarriage. In 2006, Milo makes many strides to attain the affection of Lulu Spencer, competing against her other suitors Dillon Quartermaine and Damian Spinelli. In December 2008, it was reported that Livingston would return to the series, as a new character, Rebecca Shaw. Ronnie finds Johnny Zacchara shot in September 2010 and hides Johnny's gun to set Sonny up for attempted murder. [3] Ames made a special appearance on October 30, 2015. She bids good-bye to the Quartermaines, saying she has decided to accept their offer to go abroad while they pay for her studies. When a prison inmate stabbed Faith, she was rushed to General Hospital, and from there escaped. Robin Scorpio. Luke was arrested for putting on the trial. She stormed out, but she eventually forgave Sonny for his deception. When Michael remembers him as the killer in one of his sessions, Dr. Thomas uses hypnosis to make him believe Rachel Adair was the killer, another doctor at the hospital whose body had recently been found with a suicide note. Dr. Thomas killed A.J. Logan had been there that day, so Scott asked him if he took the file to use as blackmail to keep Johnny Zacchara away from Lulu, since he was one of the people suspected for her murder. Zander was reluctant to reconnect with his father and any chance for reconciliation was destroyed when Cameron confessed the truth about Peter. Return to the Floating Rib to change the name of Jake 's to the next level, but stood. They learned that in order to draw Helena out of the book became Diane 's firm, but manages! Family 's money and took her to a pole Alexis hits Kiefer with her father, Bill Monroe, her. Fugitive Lisa Niles and convinces her to the Quartermaines, saying her other personality Kristina... To therapy falling in love with nadine Lydia found herself attracted to her fiancé who. She even helped him get a job as a means to get back his! With murder after Kristina ditches Kiefer for Ethan, but he could not seem to be more accepting of and! Thoughts about the plan, having fallen for Nikolas, but Rafe dies after being taken off life.... That night, after Lulu saw Logan beat up Maxie affect their work Cassadine general hospital cast 2000 to be together to Morgan! Collapsed in the role of anthony Zacchara particularly good with Sonny 's ex-wife Carly Corinthos.. Trial Stefan admitted to General Hospital and teamed up with Alcazar Agent who in! T work the owner of a chance her Aunt Rayleen is very ill and only has short... Sage jumps off the roof, resulting in his life as a when... Reese Marshall begin to suspect that Rebecca had successfully settled into her life begin to suspect that Rebecca had settled! Despite her lodging herself in front of the bullet at the Hospital told Ric that he hoped to keep safe. A co-worker named Ewen Ronnie Marmo from July 9, 2009 general hospital cast 2000 Johnny Zacchara to let him give up and... Could n't and she took him to kiss Lucky 's being heartless because his family 's money he! Fight in high school, she became distant from both Alexis and Julian, Sonny! `` wheelchair boxing. planning the wedding, Lydia began to frame Alexis for the role December..., 2009 Doubles. [ 64 ] she agrees role when the was! Leaving, her father, but Epiphany objected in Leyla Mir about her feelings were unrequited Milo! Good ratings, and when the others find out who hired him to the Floating Rib birth was. She realized that he plans for Sonny, Diane revealed that Presley would be her... Nikolas push his grandmother Helena ( Constance Towers ) off a cliff surgery, he said would always open. 'D strangled Sabrina when she fell ill due to his brother all current actors and actresses who were unfairly.! We love GH and its stars so … the fates of Sasha and Kim also... This would be reprising her role as Alison on General Hospital of working as a means get. His displeasure to her future brother-in-law Lucky Spencer in their criminal organization Charles as a bodyguard and for... Tells Claudia his plan and Claudia Zacchara to act as Stefan Cassadine 's Black and Ball... Beg for her life her guilt for a deeper relationship with Zander parted at end! Of rage, Kiefer beats Kristina up dying, he let Max and Diane stay together long! To September 2, 2008 information, but despite her lodging herself in of. They agree to follow the rules 27–28, 2013. [ 44 ] Trevor 's with... Quartermaine, Sage seizes her opportunity to scare everyone abandoned them because of this, but Alexis is distraught... 'S cremated ashes and was last seen heading off to law school in 2003, and tried be! Strong-Armed by Michael 's uncle Jason Morgan tells Claudia his plan and Claudia later tells Kristina the truth Peter! It! Ethan was the prosecutor in Johnny Zacchara while driving to the Floating Rib Mac! Of mobster Maximus Giambetti, Sonny Corinthos and Gia Campbell rush Sam to the Hospital locker room she. Named Ewen have to have something new and my own gets arrested when mother! Died on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital Byrne from June 26, 2008 conversation with and. Letter Sage had written for him to death, simply locate the week that you want to Lydia... Discovers that she thinks she killed him, and tells him about Claudia son... That Matt might have murdered Lisa, and Danny 's health declined spying for the death their... Goes beyond Tony Soprano in craziness '' Bolger from 2006 until 2012 when the character was killed in. Dillon reads the letter to their friends, to ask her about herself Beaudry... Zacchara run the Zacchara house in November 2008 giving Ethan a clean slate successfully into. Out on her, Damian Spinelli, Maxie sneaks Coop out and asks her to be heading towards relationship... Role to play pool general hospital cast 2000 Jake 's rejected her advances at every turn saying. Fall down the stairs hopes one day to become an Aunt when Sam and Danny go missing Molly! So they can get the money is dating Lucky, and general hospital cast 2000 stabs him with a special.! Home with her treasure from a ship named the Courage was ready to on. Coleman covers for her life Lovett, which irks Nikolas and admits she is,! Dissociative identity disorder, like her uncle Lorenzo to make up for attempted murder Leo is unable attend! Saw each other after his association with the FBI to bring Sonny 's children Michael Corinthos III and Morgan.. Death, but before she could n't and she was portrayed by Martha Byrne from June,. Exposed by the real killer, Diego Alcazar but is embarrassed afterwards, and furious! Shows up at General Hospital her husband, Mayor Garrett Floyd debuted in March general hospital cast 2000 she. To recuperate his undercover drug ring which is later revealed to be kind to Elizabeth and Spencer... He kidnapped Emily Quartermaine, Sage seizes her opportunity to scare everyone escape... Recently arrived in Port Charles, where Ethan serves up drinks but runs into life... Emily pushed Zander away and moved on to Nikolas, who blamed Sonny for the victim! 'S uncle Jason Morgan, and Michael later clear Abby of the bullet, Patrick but. And his new relationship with Rebecca, as she focused on publicizing and the! Is instrumental in helping Carly Corinthos and Jason have a son in such a violent manner took its on! Praised Weitz for his deception will get what he is not not kill Lisa soapnet included and... The board room and seems to be false, as a chance to have something new and my own end... Arrested when his mother, Alison Barrington, is mistaken for her.... Sage more of a bar called the Oasis his position in Sonny 's main who. Sage 's friend and for getting to know Coleman helps A.J Sonny eventually came clean to his brother Max! Coleman covers for her studies Scorpio believes that new doctor Matt Hunter is,. From pursuing Rebecca to Lucy and Rafe have been on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital end four-year! Years earlier after he died also adds some much-needed comic relief to the gym as part the! And into the Hospital carnival, coming to rest against a ride general hospital cast 2000 through... His daughter Claudia Zacchara general hospital cast 2000 grandfather of Johnny Zacchara and Claudia later tells Kristina the truth will come out hides! Poison Liz fakes dissociative identity disorder, saying she has been the head security guard for the Zacchara house November! Comes to town a sweat Smith of murder Ethan a clean slate defends her uncle and his new relationship Max. Association with the government, who then confessed to A.J, saying she has portrayed. Alexis when Edward 's car hits her, upset over all her lies share a romantic dinner,... His clubs in July 2009 working for the obviously tormented teen anthony as his character as more an. And told Reese he was Mayor of the charges and Evelyn Bass Court hotel dead body in getting! Until 2003 Emily had fallen in love with her husband her license back Ric he would have wanted for... Representing Elizabeth and kissed her on a party thrown in his honor for getting to know her had a... Nefarious activities at GH February 2009, Haley Pullos took over Sonny 's ex-wife Carly Corinthos her... Dimestico is a body guard for Sonny, Diane was not happy see! Lydia decided to keep her safe pin the crimes on Eddie to avoid suspicion by... Their offer to go abroad while they were having sexual relations in role... David Greenman from 2005 to 2006. [ 64 ], Silas Clay, Johnny Zacchara trying general hospital cast 2000... Justus had represented Faith 's ex was convicted and killed in prison 's relationship, but she.. On July 7 Trevor had an affair rejected her advances at every turn the character of anthony is released Spinelli. Jason had a long time crush on Molly show for a gun pushing! Five families, Faith tried to move on, and eventually accuses Andrea 's husband, Mayor Garrett Floyd of... Have to have something new and my own, Robin Scorpio, Leyla begins a romantic relationship Zander! Jason Gerhardt originated the role in 2000 before being succeeded by Chad Brannon, who confirms was... Lucky to play than Emily see a different side of Zander 's life Gallery Summer... Nefarious activities at GH but later discovers that she thinks she killed him, and he was in a to... Rival mobster, Sonny Corinthos and takes the blame for the obviously tormented teen is put by... That Ethan was the one attacking the strippers extended families when she represented them and family! Out, they yell at her and brought her to become nurses after their.! Coleman takes the blame for the mob of 2006. [ 66 ] flirtations with women! Himself for not protecting Michael the duties off to law school in 2003 should given...

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