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23 Jan 2021

The preliminary October 2020 jobless rate was up nearly two percentage points from September 2020. When working with law enforcement, bring a copy of your FTC Identity Theft Report, a government-issued photo ID, proof of your current address, and any proof that your identity has been used for identity theft — such as collections notices. New unemployment figures released today showed 53,000 more people out of work in Kentucky. Kentucky Department of Education . Andy Beshear said Monday. PRESENTERS. Kentucky’s seasonally adjusted preliminary December 2020 unemployment rate was 6 percent, according to the Kentucky Center for Statistics (KYSTATS), an … Updates, she said, will be posted on the state's unemployment website, Kentucky’s unemployment system is under immense pressure during the pandemic: By May, Kentucky had the largest share of its workforce on unemployment benefits in the country, and the state’s unemployment insurance trust fund required an $865 million loan from the federal government to stay afloat over the summer. Your Kentucky unemployment eligibility is based on a variety of factors. The Kentucky Labor Cabinet said in an update Thursday that it has made the changes necessary to its unemployment system to resume the dispersal of payments. The system is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm and Sunday from 10:00 am … The system required a … Update on unemployment in Kentucky due to COVID-19 pandemic (WCAX) By WBKO News Staff. In May, the state fired its newly installed director of unemployment insurance at a time when no state had a larger share of its workforce on unemployment than Kentucky. Extensions are set into effect when the state’s unemployment rate reaches peak levels, leaving many applicants wondering how to get an unemployment extension. This helps you keep on top of any changes in your claim, including your payments. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. You can view an electronic copy of your 2020 Contribution Rate Notice by logging into the, 2020 Contribution Rates will continue to be set on the lowest schedule -, 2020 Contribution Rates will continue to be reduced by an additional 0.075% for the. Kentucky’s seasonally adjusted preliminary October 2020 unemployment rate was 7.4%, the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet announced last week. Secretary Larry L. Roberts. #Kentucky update: The state of Kentucky has started paying out the #fpuc. Published: Apr. Each state has its own system, which will pay you on its own timeline. © 2021 Commonwealth of Kentucky. You can find updates on the Kentucky Career Center website, which currently states the following: “While the application is approved, reconfiguring the computer systems to … Andy Beshear said there was no recourse to reverse the federal agency’s decision and acknowledged that Kentucky families are hurting financially because of the pandemic. In May, the state fired its newly installed director of unemployment insurance at a time when no state had a larger share of its workforce on unemployment than Kentucky. A lot of people are wondering when or whether they will get the $400 weekly extra unemployment benefits they were promised. 2020 Updates and Changes (Updated 12/16/2019) Kentucky State Agencies Respond to COVID-19 . Make sure you are on a “” website when filing a Kentucky unemployment insurance claim. Commonwealth of Kentucky Labor Cabinet . Governor Jacqueline Coleman said the state is processing an unprecedented amount of claims and payments. The KEWES internet claims system is accessible for filing an unemployment claim or requesting your bi-weekly check on-line. Kentucky Update for Processing Unemployment Claims Gov. “Today, I’m announcing we will extend our partnership with EY through the end of the updates to Kentucky’s unemployment insurance laws, including a reduction in benefits, the introduction of a waiting week period, and increases to the taxable wage base •The financial condition of the UI Trust Fund depends on three factors: state benefit payments, contributions and UI Assistance E-mail: Kentucky Labor Cabinet general counsel Amy Cubbage gave an update on unemployment insurance in the state Tuesday. How Kentucky Missed Out On A $90 Million Unemployment Upgrade. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware of fake unemployment filing websites designed to steal your personal information or charge you a fee. Report for America is a nonprofit national service program that places journalists in local newsrooms to report on undercovered issues. In order to file a claim for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits you must be separated from your employer or experience a reduction in your work hours. Your prompt response to notice of claims is necessary to ensure that payments are not disbursed in error, and that claimant information is protected. “The $400 will apply to all programs: traditional UI, the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, and the … Amy D. Cubbage, General Counsel for the Office of Governor Beshear. Buddy Hoskinson, Executive Director of Unemployment Insurance . 1, 2020 at 9:03 PM CDT Thousands of Kentuckians are losing their jobs due … If you suspect a claim has been filed in error, please promptly contact our office at (502) 564-2387. During the 2018 Legislation Session, the General Assembly enacted the Kentucky State Agencies Respond to COVID-19 . KCC will never charge a fee. Kentucky One Time Payment: Unemployment One-Time Relief Payment Program signed under Executive Order on January 12, 2021. The Kentucky unemployment application takes roughly 15 minutes to complete, and it’s best to complete it all at once. As a result, the state will be barred from such payments for a minimum of 13 weeks. Employers may perform the following main actions: The Office of Unemployment Insurance has discovered an increase in the number of imposter UI claim attempts. Click to copy. That's up from last week and stalls a six week trend of declines in first time unemployment … In the state of Kentucky, there are specific cases in which an unemployment compensation extension may be made available for individuals who need more than initial 26 weeks of benefits. Kentucky Labor Cabinet. Kentucky has begun paying the unemployment benefits authorized by the $900 billion pandemic relief bill that President Trump signed on Dec. 27, … Kentucky employers are eligible to claim the full FUTA credit of 5.40% when filing your 2020 IRS 940 forms in January 2021. Any time your unemployment status changes, the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training sends a notice in the mail alerting you of the change. Unemployment Insurance Update Today, Gov. Interim Joint Committee on Economic Development and Workforce Investment . You can review an electronic copy of your 2021 Contribution Rate Notice by logging into the, Kentucky employers are eligible to claim the full, 2020 Contribution Rate Notices were mailed out on December 2, 2019. Forty-nine states, Washington, D.C., and two territories have so far signed on to President Trump’s stopgap program to get more money to the jobless. LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Payments that are part of a federal program to aid those unemployed because of the ongoing pandemic will end this weekend under federal rules, affecting roughly 4,700 Kentuckians, the Kentucky Labor Cabinet said Tuesday in a news release. Complete your eligibility review . Finance and Administration Cabinet. The unemployment office sent Hayes a bill for $896 in overpaid benefits and a request for at least $75 a month from Hayes, who had no income. Beshear, said Thursday. The preliminary October 2020 jobless rate was up nearly two percentage points from September 2020. November 20, 2020. Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy. PRESENTERS. LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Unemployed Kentuckians will again begin receiving boosted unemployment benefits beginning next week after lawmakers passed another round of coronavirus relief. All rights reserved. In addition, victims can report instances of identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission. Kentucky Department of Education . This determination was made after consulting state and federal guidance from this unprecedented time, in order to keep employer rates … UI Assistance E-mail: Other states are also clawing back unemployment overpayments, as Beshear noted on Monday, but Kentucky’s unemployment office has been especially harried in its response to the pandemic. Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH) KCDHH COVID-19 Updates… FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Nearly 400,000 Kentucky residents have filed for unemployment benefits in the past four weeks as the coronavirus caused another round of massive layoffs in the state's Finance and Administration Cabinet. By Online. “This program will allow about 80,000 Kentuckians receiving at least $100 a week unemployment benefits for the weeks of July 26-Aug. 15 to receive an additional payment of $400, if they are unemployed or partially unemployed as a result of COVID-19 pandemic,” Beshear said. Since she also collected the extra $600 in weekly federal unemployment payments, Hayes also owes nearly $4,200 to the federal government. The FUTA taxable wage base remains at $7,000 per worker. More than 100,000 vaccinated in Kentucky; 90% of unemployment claimants receiving benefits Kentucky Posted: Jan 8, 2021 / 11:27 AM CST / Updated: Jan 12, 2021 / 12:22 PM CST Here's an update. As you can see, we have a lot of work to do on unemployment insurance, but we will be prepared when session convenes in January. KY OFFICE OF UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE UPDATE. Unemployment Insurance Assistance Update. Andy Beshear's office said Thursday that Kentucky has nearly 74,000 unprocessed unemployment claims from March, April, May and June – including 6,535 dating to March. After Nov. 28, no new applications will be accepted and claimants who have yet to exhaust all benefits will not receive the balance of their funds. skip to the main content area of this page, Site Enhancements and Electronic Reporting, Submit quarterly tax reports over the Internet through either an on-screen form or a file upload option, Retrieve information about the Kentucky Unemployment Insurance program, Pay taxes by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Establish a new Unemployment Insurance Account, 2021 Contribution Rate Notices will be mailed on or before December 15, 2020.

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