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23 Jan 2021

But to be conservative, let's say Luffy moved 100m there. [OP QUIZ] How well do you know Whitebeard Pirates? Anyway, the calc for Boundman's speed is fallacious, since Doffy didn't start reacting to him while he was hundreds of meters away, because he didn't know where he was. @hittheassasin: What do you mean? @gaoron: @eazy2002: @ecoblitz: @skysanji: @worldofruin6:Added some new feats on popular demand ! Why couldn’t Luffy break out of ropes tied by some civvies? [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize the laughter of these characters? He had no intention of attacking Doffy otherwise). Ok on popular demand, I will be adding a few more feats to this but first of all I want to clear a few misconceptions: And now it's time to introduce the infamous, hotly debated but still irrefutable (in my opinion at least) speed feat that has been the topic of much controversy recently. This is further backed up by how casually Kaido blitzed the crap out of Boundman. He is one of the crew's top four strongest fighters, having the fourth highest bounty, after Luffy, Jinbe, and Sanji. Top tiers seem to be microsecond timing at [OP QUIZ] Can you name the Pirate Crew by their Jolly Roger? Now to put a time frame, we need a value for Doffy's reaction speed. There’s Sanji noticing the attack from below. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Actually it is in my opinion, at least for the top tiers, as the next and last feat proves... Feat#3: Aokiji flash freezing Doflamingo before the latter could kill Smoker. As of now only Big Mom directly scales to him. This is before anyone calced the Punk Hazard feat stay salty faraday. It's reasonable to assume the meteorite travelled from outer space to a point where it was visible to the naked eye in the time frame it took for Fuji to raise his sword a few inches. Despite the attack already being in … It may look normal to us because Oda doesn't draw speed in the over the top way some other mangakas do but the speeds in One Piece are insane. Nice and all but it’s still fan calc heavy which some have and will express doubt for, from now on it’s just must simpler to scale everyone from Brook’s lightning feat which is the most concrete current speed feat that makes life less difficult as it’s easily quantified. Average length of a city block is 200m, Luffy obviously had to cover a larger distance because he was at a massive elevation compared to Doffy as well (he was on the royal plateau while Doffy was at ground level in the city). He fought Erza Scarlet in the 70th episode of Death Battle, Zoro VS Erza. However Tontattas were fast enough to be FTE to this same Robin. He also starred in an episode of One-Minute Melee where he fought Kenshin Himura and then fought him again in an episode of DBX. also check ACF wiki (waaaaay better than obd and vsb),, @shirso: you might as well add Luffy's punk Hazard feat to the revision since it's meta and other sites have taken it and are applying it in debates. I've always thought that top tiers of One Piece were always comfortably around mach 3-4k. There are some characters who get some pretty neat scaling from this in Dressrosa. @shirso: A good presentation, I do, however, think that proving a feat is consistent by using other feats that are based on the same feat that you're trying to prove is consistent isn't really valid, you're going to have to use a completely unrelated piece of evidence to the mach858 feat to show it is consistent. Origin: One Piece Classification: Human, Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Paramecia Devil Fruit User Threat level: Demon Age: 17 Gender: Male Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,Body Control(His Devil Fruit Gomu Gomu No Mi gives him properties of rubber due to which he can stretch his body as he wants), Expert Swordsmanship and many more (Consumed 100 … Sanji’s speed disappeared in Cacao Island for plot reasons, but returned the second they got off the Island. Luffy is covered in an explosive, sticky slime, it's set alight, and Luffy escapes the explosion that was sticking to his clothes unscathed. Good calc but I felt you lowballed bad because somehow khalifa has faster reaction speed than Doffy. Will Joe Biden Repeat Obama’s Mistake of Trying to Achieve Impossible Foreign Policy Feats? What”s so impressive about Sanji dodging a kick? Doffy's hand is already moving before Aokiji attacks, which is also consistent with the plot (Aokiji only attacked Doffy when he saw Doffy starting to attack. If you go by the previous calc and take the speed of the meteorite at Mach 100, it would bump Boundman's speed by 3 times or Mach 858. In One Piece, there have been numerous instances of light-speed combat/reaction speed. In an SBS Oda confirmed that Kizaru does move at the speed of light and we have had people literally keeping up with him despite that. And now that I think about it just how fast would snake man g4 Luffy be since Luffy stated that SM was way faster than BM G4 and since Katakuri wasn't blitzed by BM or to say BM didn't appear FTE to him like doffy and he could also dodge and block BM G4 attacks that would make him at least as fast as BM ..BUT SNAKEMANS FIRST TWO PUNCHES WERE COMPLETELY FTE TO KATAKURI...which he later needed coO Haki to figure out what was going on and Luffy stated that the more fists extended or (I think) changes direction it becomes faster...and to mention base kaidou's was in a sitting position with his legs crossed facing a BLOODLUSTED g4 BM not far away but could still completely blitz him ....well I'm still waiting for the animation to depict how fast these feats were..hope they don't disappoint..and these speed feats and scaling also makes sense since they're already op characters like kuma and kizaru with one able to move near light speed and the other able to move at ls but they are still below a yonko .. always wondered since a low tier is fast enough to intercept point blank lighting (msh+) and top tier below yonko level could move near light speed scaling would put a yonko at least sub relativistic speed. Besides Kizaru and Aokiji I always found hard to measure the speed in One piece mostly because i force myself to watch the One Piece cartoon with my cousin who never reads manga. Grabs a much larger opponent by the leg, spins him around rapidly and then sends him flying. The Key to unleash the full potential of Enma sword. I do applaud the effort though, research was done. @shirso: We're already doing this on Discord, so I won't bother countering this. There are dozens of feats proving MAch 33 is consistent at the very least. also anime said raid suit has light speed, so they didn't need to use luffy's dodging pacifita lasers either but remember that these guys that research may be guys that didn't read one piece until this battle, so they had like 1 month to read one piece, watch all anime, movies and judge based on that. Cavendish requests Robin to release him from her clutches so that he can use Hakuba's speed to scale the cliff, right after we see the cliff explode, and the very next panel, we see the Hakuba has managed to carry Robin to safety to the top of the cliff, while outacing the explosion, totally unscathed of course. We all know how effortlessly Robin dispatched off a blitzing Hakuba. So, 50km in 1 second which comes to about Mach 143. But is high triple digit mach consistent? @shirso: Thanks, really helpful bro, I hope u getting started on onepiece strength and destructive capability feats? Even the scans show he was looking straight at Luffy before the latter went FTE. One in particular that's really nice would be the Tontattas. My aim was to show that even with taking objective minimums, characters on Dressrosa G4 Luffy's level would be low quad machs/high triple digit machs casually at least. I might keep updating this once we get new feats in Wano. Sanji attacks him from the front. That being said, nicely reasoned. If we take that Doffy reacted to a Mach 100+ meteorite from a distance of 10 metres by the previous calc, we would get a value of less than 1 mili second for Doffy's reactions. This should dispel any notions of the feat being an "outlier" or "inconsistent", and brownie points because this one's also performed by base Luffy. RELATED: One Piece: Franky's 5 Most Triumphant Victories (& His 5 Most Humiliating Defeats) Nami is also quite fast and can manipulate the air temperature at high speed, leaving even stronger enemies than her confused. It's very, actually almost exactly similar to the PH feat. That's why I don't like when people make One Piece vs X universe. Other Admirals should be able to fight him equally and the Yonko should be able to mid diff him at worst. So that's that folks, tell me what you think! [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these ships? @shirso: what always impressed me about One Piece was the physical atributes of One Piece characters. She can also keep up with enemies who are considered fast, such as Charlotte Cracker, one of the Big Mom Pirates' Sweet Commanders. Beam of light - 0.0486 meters and 55 pixels Screen height - 1081 pixels 2atan(tan(70/2 deg)*(55/1081) = 0.0712213399 radians 0.0712213399 - 4.08068218754681 degrees Distance - 0.6821 meters. The actual speed feats of One Piece, not the wank scaling of others. With Speedo one piece bathing suits you can have it all: designed for comfort, agility and style, Speedo’s one piece bathing suits fit and flatter while offering support where it’s most needed. I have always felt that OP speed is the most underrated among the major shonen verses on the Forums, with many people actually believing that all speed in OP somehow scales from Luffy kicking lightning in Skypiea. The results, for lack of a better word, were surprising. Speedo’s one piece swimsuits use Endurance technology which retains shape and is twenty times more fade resistant than conventional elastane swimwear. RELATED: One Piece: 5 Things About Luffy That Make Him Unique (& 5 Ways He’s Generic) Midoriya is able to channel a limited amount of power from his quirk but that limited power is still greater than most of his compatriots. If that's still not enough, let's see another similar, but slightly inferior feat performed by a character that is below Luffy in speed. I discount all fan calcs as a matter of it not being actually based off of canon presented by an official source (no official calculations). Shift it to the General discussion forum. I plan to do a similar thread soon for some of the dc feats in OP as well, especially Luffy's KKG and the Admirals permanently changing Punk Hazard's climate. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. For more information please refer to the documentation. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. But again, to be conservative, let's assume he reacted to a Mach 33 meteorite ( minimum speed of meteorite) from a distance of 10 metres, which would give that Doffy can react in a mili second (actually even less). So it stands to reason for the Yonko to be sub relativistic. He is talking to Sanji. First of all, Fujitora pulled the meteorite from outer space, and meteorites are at an average 100km from the earth's surface. Aokiji is definitely Quad digit mach. Roronoa Zoro is a major protagonist from the Japanese manga series, One Piece. This is actually consistent with Aokiji, as his flash freezes have frozen oceans extending past the horizon instantly. For the distance it covered, let's take it as 50 km, half of 100km as it had still not reached the ground. I have explained my thought process behind quantifying the feat and the level I personally put it at in detail in that thread, but here I will take the opportunity to state that Punk Hazard is not the only time Luffy has performed a similar feat, that is outracing an explosion sticking to his clothes. Nothing here is quantifiable. As others have mentioned, if I scaled from the pre time skip lightning timing feats or the recent Brook feat, I would get much higher values. Feat#2: Boundman moving FTE to Dofamingo over a city block. Yup, Sanji blew him away with 12 kicks in a single panel. As you might have noticed, every single one of these feats were quantified by taking the absolute low ends. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these female characters? @kingguinness, @socajunkie, @hittheassasin, @deathhero61, @defiant_will, @skysanji, @mr_ingenuity, @juiceboks, @streak619. But wait, what’s up with Sanji’s leg. Annnnddd he blocks it. Now Trebol sets his slime on fire, we see a huge explosive inferno break out on top of Flower Hill, but miraculously, in the very next page, we see that not only has Luffy escaped himself, but he has also managed to save Law, all more or less unscathed by the explosion of course. @streak619: I used the conservative estimate from the meteorite feat (Mach 33) to calculate the other two. Listen to I Ain't The One by Speed Dial 7 Feat. He is staring at Sanji. This scales to Boundman's reactions as well because Luffy stopped right beside Doffy, and possibly his combat speed as well (because Luffy flies by kicking his legs). Anyone can do that. Zoro is an extremely powerful and strong fighter with immense potential. There’s Sanji noticing the attack from below. One Piece actually has plenty of good speed feats, and as a fun intellectual activity, I set out to quantify a few of these. Also if I might add no one at greenbit iirc bar Doffy, Law and Fuji knew what happened after Fuji summoned the meteors; they only saw the aftermath and were wondering what happened, what about Moria shadow feats? No featured entries match the criteria. Luffy's head - 0.2134 meters and 33 pixels 2atan(tan(70/2 deg)*(33/1081) = 0.0427443672 radians 0.0427443672 - 2.4490718385235 degrees Distance - 4.9917 meters 4.9917 - 0.6821 = 4.3096 meters Annnnddd he blocks it. So, now we have both a distance and a time frame, and we can calculate the speed of Aokiji's flash freeze. "The actual speed feats of One Piece, not the wank scaling of others. As I have always maintained, the only reason why this feat seems to rustle so many people is because it puts Luffy (base Luffy at that) at a level they at any cost don't want to see him being argued at. This really didn't need to be bumped, calc stacking and half-baked timeframes are no good. Not sure if I go to say the lengths of that he flash froze an ocean though, they're pretty damn big. The results, for lack of a better word, were surprising. Sanji leaps at Jabra and…he attacks him so fast he can’t even react. 50 metres/ Aokiji's flash freeze speed = 1.5 metres/Doffy's combat speed (or Mach 33), Which puts Aokiji's flash freeze speed at Mach 1100, Taking Doffy's combat speed as Mach 100 would put Aokiji's flash freeze speed over Mach 3k. This is one of several videos that will be showcasing several One Piece character's feats. You can find an ‘anti-feat- for anything, the focus should be the broader picture. Pointing out that Sanji is slower than he should be sometimes is a point one can make for everyone. Here’s Him being mid swing. As for how much land Aokiji froze in that time, let's take it as 50 metres, which is very reasonable considering the 2nd scan shows them as a speck compared to the area Aokiji froze. Since apparently the meteorite slowed down a bit after that point (as the other Marines could see it), I think it's more than reasonable to put this feat at Mach 100 or low triple digits. Good post, I agree with most of this. Plssss do like onepiece powerful feats, like destructive capability feats thanks. Then again, these are characters who’re faster than sound so I can see where the reasoning comes from. Good thread. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. One piece of optical hardware performs massively parallel AI calculations Two research groups manage similar feats through very different methods. He also fought Rock Lee in an episode of One Minute Melee. John Timmer - Jan 7, 2021 8:48 pm UTC Yay for scaling and calc stacking. Despite the attack already being in progress and bim being far below. And, despite his massive body, his speed and reflexes are on par with his brute force; when he attacked Crocodile after the latter attempted to take Whitebeard's life, Crocodile commented on both the great speed … A heavily injured Law is lying on the ground, covered in Trebol's flammable and explosive sticky slime and Luffy himself is also covered in the same sticky slime. Now, again, let's take the conservative estimate and say Doffy's combat speed is Mach 33 from the meteorite feat. This doesn't diminish Law, Doffy and Fuji's feat in any way because those 3 reacted to the meteorite only after it was about a dozen meters away from them. Top tiers seem to be microsecond timing at". The meteor feat calc is a bit dodgy. Nice post! He does something very similar in the climax of the fight against Doffy and Trebol. womens one piece swimsuits. Buy SPEEDO One Piece for Women at Superbalist - shop over 500 of the freshest One Piece brands. So to be FTE to Doffy there, Luffy needed to cover 100 metres in a timeframe less than 1 mili second, which put Boundman's flight speed at Mach 286 at minimum. [OP QUIZ] Which One Piece character he is? Midoriya's speed feats aren't that impressive and he is certainly not able to move at the speed of light. You forgot to mention Pre-Timeskip Nami being lightning speed and 4 digit mach explosion timing. Refuting the “Sanji is only fast in sneak attacks” opinions: Sanjji is in front of the guy. Look no further than Speedo one piece swimsuits to find the perfect go-to look that will really make a splash. Thus, if they are singing at one second past 4 am, that would give them 24 hours to drive said thousand miles, requiring a speed of at least 67,056 km/h, which is roughly twice the orbital speed of Saturn around the Sun (34,848 km/h), according to the Wikipedia page on Saturn. So essentially Hakuba outpaced an explosive shosckwave that was powerful enough to ragdoll buildings from what was an arm's length away for a fairly significant distance totally unscathed. Doffy is 3 metres tall, and assuming he nearly completed one entire arm extension before he got completely frozen, he moved 1.5 metres . Is Charlotte Linlin the best Armament Haki User in the series? Judge launches a sneak attack on Sanji, stabbing through his men. ... but I have one piece of unsolicited advice to give. Start streaming anime subs and dubs: headliner of the Beast Pirates, Speed with the Horse Smile Fruit[From Ep. And One Piece speed being underrated in Comic Vine is lol-worthy. The tip of his spear almost touches Sanji’s face…and. [OP QUIZ] Can you put these characters in the correct camp, Marine or Pirate? So basically Aokiji flash freezes Doffy along with a large swathe of land before the latter can kill Smoker. One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since July 19, 1997. @shirso: People are going think that this is headcanon because you made way too assumptions in your calcs. Doffy was punched from the plateau he would know exactly where Luffy was. He previously fought Rock Lee in the 138th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Sanji VS Rock Lee. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. @woodward: I like how you removed your old post to put this one. Read on. @shirso: Narutoforums and Animeviceboards as far as I'm aware. [OP QUIZ] How Well Do You Know Roronoa Zoro? They have this goofyness to them that make it hard to believe they may be as strong or resillient as they are. Here are a few examples:-Pre-TS Luffy dodges lasers.-Pre-TS Zoro dodges lasers as well-Ivankov dodges a laser-Post-TS Luffy dodges a laserIn every one of those cases, the lasers fired were from Pacifistae. [OP QUIZ] Do you know everything about Skypiea Arc? Pip Skid & Skratch Bastid, 1 Shazams. [OP QUIZ] How Well Do You Know One Piece? Here’s Him being mid swing. Hello Select your address CDs & Vinyl Hello, Sign in. Here’s Daifuku coming in for Carrot. Inb4 the lowballers come in with their desperate attempts to lowball OP characters speed. I think that's all for now. Supports the weight of a massive piece of rubble with one arm and pushes it over. This really cleared my mind about the speed in the OPverse. @shirso: Oh fair enough, I misread the second argument as something else. He wields a jousting lance for a weapon. We have two high tiers (Doflamingo and Law) and one top tier (Fujitora) react to and slice apart a meteorite that was summoned by Fujitora. This is most relevant for the Battle forums. Why can’t Zoro break metal bars in Fishman Island if he can cut a mountain and Baby Reiju could do so? Gargantuan feats of strength are not uncommon in One Piece, but the surprise of Zoro’s leap in power was a welcome shock for fans who have been waiting to … Though eventually I feel this will all become redundant once the top tiers start scaling to Kizaru's speed and all become relativistic ha ha. Which explains why nobody came after it when it wasn't properly quantified (lol). Vinsmoke Sanji is a major character from the anime/manga series, One Piece; he is the cook for the Straw Hat Pirates. Admirals and Yonko being sub relativistic isn't unreasonable at all considering we have a character like Kizaru. Name: Natsu DragneelAlias: SalamanderAge: Late teensClassification: Human, First Generation Dragon Slayer, Mage of Fairy Tail, De-facto leader of Team NatsuAffiliation: Fairy Tail, Team NatsuGender: MaleHeight: 171 cm (5'7\")Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lbs. Speed - One - Music. It's not as impressive as the PH feat or the later feat with Trebol, since in those cases the explosions were literally on Luffy's clothes but that's consistent with the power scaling since Hakuba <<< Luffy in speed. He also carries a golden heater shield, also with a purple Whitebeard's insignia. @shirso: What part of this is a battle? Fan Calcs for speed are usually the most acceptable in my opinion as long as no massive leaps in logic are used. This is arguably one of OP's most prominent speed feats. [OP QUIZ] Combine Devil Fruits with their respective Users, [OP QUIZ] Test Your Knowledge On Devil Fruits. Swimming never felt so good with Speedo’s ladies swimwear. Not what I was expecting before I clicked. I am talking of Cavendish's alter ego Hakuba rescuing Robin from Gladius' explosion. Kuro's head - 0.259 meters and 178 pixels Usopp's height - 1.74 meters Usopp's head - 0.232 meters and 438 pixels Screen height - 1080 pixels 2atan(tan(70/2 deg)*(178/1080) = 0.229792607 radians 0.229792607 - 13.166146544441 degrees Distance - 1.1221 meters 2atan(tan(70/2 deg)*(438/1080) = 0.553378209 radians 0.553378209 - 31.706235850287 degrees Distance - 0.4085 meters Skip to main @shirso: Also bro could u quantify snakemans speed, we already know luffy in base form has 2 solid lightspeed feats, so plss do snakeman. @juiceboks, God, don't lock it. Thus, Jozu has demonstrated one of the greatest strength feats seen in the series. Here’s Daifuku coming in for Carrot. I would say this feat is a solid MHS (Mach 100+) feat for Hakuba. @yray: Snakeman should definitely cross Mach 500 if you go by the conservative estimate of Boundman's speed (Mach 286 at least). As the scan shows Boundman was first flying towards and then became completely FTE to Doffy over the length of a city block, instantly appearing right beside Doflamingo without the latter even realizing it. Aspiring to be the world's strongest swordsman, he was the first to join the Straw-Hat Pirate crew under Luffy. That Oven kick doesn’t seem so out of nowhere now does it? One Piece actually has plenty of good speed feats, and as a fun intellectual activity, I set out to quantify a few of these. He moves back and blocks it in an instant. So what happens is Robin and Cavendish are trying to scale a cliff face to get to a higher level of the Royal Plateau, when Gladius touches the cliff face they are on, and due to Gladius' powers, the cliff face gets set to explode in moments. Speed Jiru is somewhat a round man of average height, wearing a brown fez with a white Whitebeard's insignia and a white robe with brown sleeves/leggings, both with Whiteboard's insignia printed on them. @socajunkie: It'll probably be months if not an year before people start scaling directly off Brook. From what I’ve seen in mangas, authors aren’t taking into account things like the speed of it, and from the panels, it really doesn’t look to be traveling at Mach 100. And quad machs for the top tiers isn't unreasonable at all considering a low mid tier like Brook has been able to intercept natural cloud lightning at near point blank range. In between the words “as “and “you”, Sanji blitzes Absalom. You pulled numbers from your ass instead the manga. This time frame should logically be in the milli seconds as Fuji is a massively hypersonic character, but to be conservative let's assume the meteorite covered that distance in a second. Notice the top left most panel of the first scan. @shirso: Zoro and by extension the M3 get direct scaling from him too since he’s always been faster. It was largely rejected due to some people considering it illogical and the amount of assumptions made too high, hence why only a few people have been using it over said timeframe, the foremost of those being good ol' Shirso. Well no, that is rubbish, and this is my humble attempt to set things right. One Piece has several quantifiable speed feats that are easy to place and only one is mentioned here, with the end result being questionable. Sanji’s speed disappeared in Cacao Island for plot reasons, but returned the second they got off the Island. One of the better calcs as has been presented that I've seen. The Punk Hazard feat was calculated months ago, mate. Water 7 Saga. After being launched into the air by Sanji grabs a giant by the mouth, lifts him airborne, and then slams his head into a … Next to put a timeframe, in the first scan, notice that Fujitora raised his sword and the meteorite was near instantly visible as a speck in the sky.

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