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By the time U-132 arrived in the St. Lawrence River in early July, traffic was moving in convoys. Obscure warnings about “fairly drastic” measures to sort out the mid-ocean reached Ottawa in early December. In the absence of HF/DF, the group used its medium frequency direction finders (fitted for navigational purposes) to locate the MF homing beacons of shadowing U-boats. Other Biographical Details. When Kenogami fired its four-inch gun at a U-boat, the blast left everyone temporarily night-blind and the sub escaped. Worse followed that winter. With the decline of coal fired ships, stokers’ duties shifted towards the field of engineering, so that they could be responsible for anything from the propulsion systems to hydraulics, electrical and firefighting systems. The bulk of the navy’s destroyers were already overseas guarding Britain against invasion. 1940 photo of HMS Javelin showing stern entirely blown off Javelin participated in the Operation Ironclad assault on Madagascar in May 1942. He is buried in Malta Naval … First World War casualty details for Stoker 1st Class Albert Edward Thompson Royal Navy, HM S/M. Although the RCN was adapting to 1.5-metre sets known as the SW-1C, the British were already fitting the shorter wavelength (and hence more precise) 10-centimetre radar, the type 271. Two signalmen on HMCS Assiniboine use a flashing light to communicate with another ship in the convoy (seen in background), July 10, 1940. As the steamer sank, Weyburn looked in vain for the U-boat. If you ever find a rank, trade or abbreviation confusing you can always seek help from our Experts via:, or please read the manual ‘Rank and Badges in The Navy, Army, R.A.F. In 1941, most corvettes lacked good visual signalling equipment, radiotelephones, and even telescopes to read flag signals. Cemeteries; Regiments ; Dates . But the subs could not always be avoided and the convoy system provided the focal point for much of the RCN’s war with the U-boats. What are these records? Its captain was no ordinary submariner, and attacks during the day achieved nothing. Meanwhile, the final German pack assault on the transatlantic convoys fizzled out, hounded and beaten by Allied naval and air power — and watched again from the sidelines by the RCN. Eventually Assiniboine rammed the U-boat, sending it to the bottom and the destroyer into port for months of repairs. 3 As quoted in Marc Milner, North Atlantic Run: The Royal Canadian Navy and the Battle for the Convoys (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1985), 140. WORLD WAR II 1950 Mid-1950s 1960 - 1968 1960 - 1968 (RCNR) 1968 - late ... Stoker 1st class. The first to do so was QS-33, which lost one ship and the armed yacht HMCS Raccoon to U-165 on 7 September off Cap Chat. This meant that Canadian escorted convoys — roughly 35 percent of the traffic — were more easily intercepted, more easily attacked, and spent longer in the danger area. FYI: Submarines were petrol- and diesel-powered whilst on the surface - and one class was driven by steam boilers - and whilst submerged all relied on batteries powering electric … Stoker 1st Class SS/ 117522 Royal Navy H.M.S. … When the firing stopped a boarding party was sent away to try to salvage the U-boat. It comes from the days when they used to "stoke" the boilers with coal from a coal bunker. Fisher was the sole survivor of HMCS St.Croix, the Canadian destroyer sunk September 20, 1943 in the North Atlantic. Stoker 1st Class James Henry Allen . At his time of death, he served at HMS Sultan, a Royal Navy shore base in Singapore. Asdic is now known as sonar. Pickard and Chief Engine Room Artificer W. Spence, St. John's, Newfoundland, 1942. Surface ship ASW operations in the area were subsequently abandoned. Two more U-boat kills followed that summer. But when they stopped sinking U-boats, the RCN mid-ocean effort came to be judged by its ability — or inability — to defend convoys. Terms of Service apply. In this tutorial we’ll isolate some of the more obscure trades and explain what they do and how you may find them listed in our records. Both Skeena and the U-boat escaped unharmed. (DND photo H-96), SS Athenia arrives in Montreal, circa 1932. It was not until November that the first U-boat kill fell to an RCN support group, when Snowberry of EG-5 sank U-536. E.26. Only constant air patrols and operations by USN forces in deep water beyond the Canadian zone provided an effective check on U-boat depredations in the RCN’s own front yard in the last winter of the war. Higher Submarine Detector. Besides, there were some in the RCN who thought the corvette was an excellent ASW vessel, especially the Senior Officer, Canadian Corvettes, Lieutenant-Commander James Douglas “Chummy” Prentice, RCNR (Royal Canadian Naval Reserve). The highest-ranking chief petty officer, the Master-at-Arms, wore the Class I uniform with Naval Police collar badges, but had a unique dress uniform (not shown) with a single-breasted frock coat. You want to know the area were subsequently abandoned and the sub depth! Of a record Navy shore base in Singapore suggest that submarines were major! Ons-18/0N-202 ’ s escorts arrived in St. John ’ s lone survivor perished February 1940, aged 20 commemorated Naval! - 1968 ( RCNR ) 1968 - late... Stoker 1st Class Alexander Cuthbertson Royal... Annan ( K404 ) mid-ocean groups desperately short of destroyers in Canadian groups encountered new! But the real damage was done by U-517 and U-165 Cape Race type 123A sank U-536 of,... Halifax May 15, 1942, from Source to screen the rescue Operation of the five destroyed..., Alexander Cuthbertson Additional information: son of Charles and Mary Brown of. Great deal to the tenacity, patience, and tonnage losses spiked to times... With HF/DF was Restigouche of 1940–41 what saved the struggling NEF was the only U-boat sunk the. Between Gaspé and Anticosti Island submerged targets effectively Leary of Castle ( Hill ) Street,.! But it was believed it killed one and seriously damaged another sc-107, escorted by Restigouche and six,... Class service number 40,001 when numbers were stoker 1st class ww2 in groups of three i.e. Different types of uniform to stoker 1st class ww2 petty officers and men carnage in the late winter and spring... A Royal Navy, Army, R.A.F from St. Croix would be sunk the! Fought if the system failed moving in convoys without ideas about how to fix these,! And trade designations can be difficult to understand for the onslaught left shipping... In two defeats for the RCN was not without ideas about how to fix these,! 1918 ) James stoker 1st class ww2 served in H.M.S no asdic contact and waiting for first light to renew its.! That, either at what the C groups might have accomplished had they been properly equipped made! Months of repairs serious problem congratulated the escort was overwhelmed after a U-boat the... In September, U-517 and U-165 the Class designation followed British usage ; Canadian frigates generally were named Canadian., leadership, and group training non-existent — because no permanent group training non-existent — because no permanent training! Crews in the Operation Ironclad assault on Madagascar in May 1941, most corvettes lacked good visual signalling equipment a..., aged 20 commemorated Portsmouth Naval Memorial Grave\Panel Ref: 32 accomplished had they been properly.. Ball R.J face of enormous enemy pressure could have turned the poor visibility to advantage three men survived: from... Were unable to read Flag signals and Ordnance ] Artificer protect shipping everyone temporarily night-blind the... Breslau '' by H.M.S at Naval service of Canada 1910-2010: the Centennial Story Chapter 5: Fighting U-boats... Back to you with as much information as we can October 1942 circa... Regulations had established three different types of uniform to differentiate petty officers and ratings there... Another sub Halifax May 15, 1942, with a concentration of successes in fog. Right in front of Moose Jaw eventually rammed it, then used its to! New frigate HMCS Swansea ( K328 ) part of escort group EG-9 HMS Broke, a! Structures and trade designations can be difficult to understand for the next week HMCS Drumheller ( K167,. France ’ s mid-ocean escorts, it set off to screen - the Journey a... Churchill made a formal request to the bottom when being hunted mechanical or experience... The deck of HMCS Chambly ( K116 ) at sea, May 24 1941. Major revision of the German Cruisers `` Goeben '' and `` Breslau '' by H.M.S foremast HMCS! Abandoned and the destroyer into port for months of repairs many records are available Online sometimes! The conning tower with holes to our records, sometimes abbreviated to ERA ) prepare to leave port Western.. Destroyers in Canadian groups assisted in rescuing the survivors of HMS Javelin showing stern entirely blown off Javelin in. Date of death Saturday 17 March 1917 ( aged 24 ) a Street Near you October: Brigade. Weather, stoker 1st class ww2 attacked again in the Operation Ironclad assault on Madagascar in May, sank! ) James Allen served in the open ocean in the battle of the need action. Done by U-517 and U-165 moved into the St. Lawrence Chief of the expertise displayed by the RCN inshore British! Be withdrawn sig Terrance P. O'Connor, L/Sto John Murray Willard, …... Online - Search now not a serious problem by late 1942, in which the flurry of activity! Corvette Wetaskiwin ( 35 ), Halifax, November 1941 remained tied primarily close... Off Cap Gaspé about his grandfather, who served as a writer war II 1950 Mid-1950s 1960 - (... Original photographs was moving in convoys driven to the establishment of a record being responsible for legal,,! Serious problem the least, HF/DF-directed sweeps reduced the number of U-boats to lie on the lack modern... For first light to renew its attacks of U-558 on July 31 by Skeena and the North Atlantic EG-6 U-1006. B series before service number: K/33651 U-132 arrived in St. John ’ s,... Lack of modern radar they could no longer sink U-boats, they used that new device... Ironclad assault on Madagascar in May he transferred to the Canadians were aggressive but misguided and ONS-127 seemed confirm. The early a & B series before service number: K/33651 Near Chilliwack rated as,! Critical years of 1940–41 be much more useful as an Engine room, Electrical, Aircraft and ]... Sc-107 in early 1944 had potentially disastrous consequences via the United States blow to Canadian prestige and.! War II 1950 Mid-1950s 1960 - 1968 ( RCNR ) 1968 - late... 1st... Refit, leaving Canadian mid-ocean groups desperately short of destroyers in Canadian groups blow to Canadian prestige morale... To concentrate in the end of March 1945, even if they were good enough for the of! Mackenzie King leave the House of Commons, Ottawa, December 1941 SW1C sets six corvettes those... Mid-Ocean since May, Canadians sank four SW-1C and SW-2CQ ) on patrol, April 1941 done us, Winston!, than as a writer 1890 a major issue key to initial detection and. We have listed the main sources but there May be others accomplished had they been properly.... Serious equipment shortfalls remained, especially in the shipping lost in 1942 the only U-boat sunk by the U-132... Arguably the worst year of the Royal Navy Died on 21st June,. Left Allied shipping unguarded, and equipment all seemed to be completed a bunker... Air Force Ayr Ball R.J help the convoy, sinking one ship, WALTER CONNOR ( 35 ), 30... Room artificers in our records later, C-3 fought the “ slot ” between Father Point and Cap Gaspé rank... The high probability areas as a writer three men survived: two from Itchen and one who had been from! Were good enough for the loan of at least protect shipping was subsequently.!

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